10 mobile apps you need for your interior design

Whether you’re starting your interior design from scratch with a brand new Vallejo beach house or you just want to buy a new sofa for your San Francisco apartment, modern technology can help save you time and money! Our favorite tools to use when decking out a room are mobile apps, because you can use these anywhere—on your lunch break, at home, or miles away on vacation. Here are our some of our favorites:


For major projects and makeovers

Smith: Home Remodel

Free  |  iOS and Android

When you’re looking to tear down a wall, upgrade to luxury bath items, or complete another major renovation with the help of a professional, the Smith app is extremely helpful. You can look up contractors in your area, read reviews on their work, and even ask for custom quotes through the app.

Home Design 3D Gold

$9.99  |  iOS

If you’re having a hard time picturing the way a renovation will look, this app can give you a three dimensional preview. Once you upload your floor plan, you’re able to remove walls, raise ceilings, and more.


Free  |  iOS

Interior design isn’t for everyone, and the idea of decorating a whole room on your own may feel overwhelming. If you want professional help without the traditional cost of working with a high priced designer, Havenly provides a cost effective middle ground. You can upload photos of your room, connect with a designer who is familiar with your design preferences, and receive budget friendly advice.



For DIY projects and design

Palette Cam

Free  |  iOS

Whether you’re redecorating an entire room or already have a few key decor pieces in place, the Palette Cam app can help you nail down a color scheme. You can take photos of the room and have Palette Cam pick out some complementary colors to guide the rest of your design.


Free  |  iOS and Android

This app is especially popular with first time home owners! If you come across a minor repair in your home which you don’t know how to fix, BrightNest can probably walk you through the repair process. The app also includes thousands of articles on DIY projects and home organization advice.

Sun Seeker

$7.49-9.99  |  iOS and Android

If you’ve just moved into a new home, you may not know exactly where the sun will fall in your new place. This app shows the pattern of sunlight throughout the day based on your location so you can strategically plan where you need to install blackout curtains, and how to protect your furniture and art.


For furniture and decor switch-ups


Free  |  iOS and Android

One of the most stressful parts about buying new furniture is not knowing how it will fit in with your current decor and layout. With Hutch, you can take a photo of the room you’re decorating and then digitally insert that daring new Guerro Sofa you’ve had your eye on for weeks.

Try On Wall

Free  |  iOS

Similarly to Hutch, Try On Wall helps you visualize the way your decor will look, but specifically with your wall decor. With this app, you can design a gallery wall in your home by drag-and-dropping artwork images on top of a photo of the wall you’re styling.

Photo Measures

$0.00-6.99  |  iOS and Android

Don’t you hate it when you’re standing in a Sofa Creations showroom and you can’t commit to a purchase because you forgot to measure a particular shelf or wall in your home before leaving? This app lets you take a photo of your room and then write measurements directly on the photos. You can include measurements of the basics, like wall and floor dimensions, but also more detailed measurements, like the distance between a shelf and a window.

iHandy Level

Free  |  iOS and Android

This is exactly what it sounds like—a digital level to help you hang your Geometrical Wall Mirror and other wall hanging straight.


When you need to talk to a person

We want to help you design a personalized space that meets all your requirements! Whether you need to design a custom sofa or sectional or need help picking out accompanying furniture and decor, we’re here for you. Contact us now, or stop by one of our three Bay Area show rooms to get started.