11+ things in your home you're forgetting to clean

You may be a neat freak, but are you cleaning these commonly overlooked spots in your home? Let’s look at ten neglected places in your home you need to clean, and how to clean them.

Remote controls, and other electronic devices

You may have heard before that remote controls are one of the most disgusting items in a hotel room because the cleaning staff never wash them. Well, how often do you remember to clean your own remote controls? Take a cleaning rag and spritz enough of your all purpose cleaning spray to dampen the cloth. Then gently rub down your remote controls. If you’re like us and watch TV every night, clean these at least once per week. And don’t forget about other electronics you use even more frequently, such as your smartphone, tablet, and laptop.

Handles and light switches

These are two other types of objects you touch every day and can easily forget about. Door knobs and light switches are very easy to add into your normal cleaning routine. Whenever you use all purpose spray on your kitchen counters, bathroom sink, and other surfaces, go ahead and wipe down the door handles and light switches in the vicinity as well. Also, wipe down the handles on your cabinets and drawers!

Shower curtains

If your showers have a plastic shower curtain or liner, these need to be washed every one to three months. Don’t worry—the process is easy! You can put the curtain right into your washing machine and run a gentle cycle with warm water and white vinegar.


Most of us have some sort of kitchen sponge, and you may even use sponges to clean other parts of your home like your bathtub. Ideally, you should clean these after each use so bacteria isn't transferred from surface to surface around your home…especially the surfaces on which you plan to eat. We recommend keeping several of these in your home so you can use a clean one each day, and then once a week or more often you can put them in a mixture of boiling water for five minutes. After the sponges cool, wring them out so they won’t form mildew.

Dishwasher and washing machine

These two appliances have lots of water run through them in a contained space, so it’s easy for them to grow mildew and bacteria and become smelly. Fortunately, they are very easy to clean. Clean your dishwasher by putting a regular glass or mug filled up two thirds with white vinegar on the top rack, and then run a regular cycle. (Note: Do not put dishwasher soap in at the same time!) Then sprinkle a thin layer of baking soda on the bottom and run one more cycle. (Again, without dishwasher soap.)

The clothes washing machine is similar. First put two cups of vinegar inside the washer and run a “rinse” cycle with hot water. Next put a cup of baking soda inside and run the same “rinse” cycle with hot water. (Note: Do not put detergent in with the vinegar or baking soda rinse.) Once the second cycle is complete, dry the inside of the drum with a regular cloth or rag.

Trash bins

Plastic bags help line your trash cans and offer some protection to your outdoor trash bins, but errant spills happen frequently. It seems counterintuitive to clean a trash can, but they can store millions of germs and grow bacteria. Depending on how frequently your trash bins get dirty, we recommend spraying them down with hot water and disinfectant about once per month.

Baseboards and door frames

Most people are pretty good at remembering to sweep, vacuum, and wash their floors on a regular basis… But what about your baseboards and door frames? These spots can collect dust, pet hair, and dirt from outside just as quickly as your floors do. Keep these clean with a dry dusting cloth or with the extension hose on your vacuum cleaner whenever you do your regular floor cleaning. If you happen to smudge your baseboards or door frames, use a magic erasing sponge to spot clean.

Light fixtures and ceiling fans

About once per month, clean the dust off your light fixtures (both the ones on your ceiling and other lamps) and your ceiling fans. A static cling extendable duster can reach the lights and fans on your ceiling, and a regular dust cloth can be used on floor and table lamps.

Sofas and sectionals

Do you ever come inside from going for a run or doing yard work and sink into your couch to relax? Your sofa, sectional, and other seating can soak up a lot of sweat, dead skin cells, dirt, and dust over time, so it’s important to clean these every so often. Check out our previous blog post about how to clean different types of furniture in your home.

Throw pillows and blankets

Speaking of sofas, when is the last time your washed your throw pillows and blankets? Just like the pillows and blankets on our beds, these items can accumulate a lot of dead skin and sweat. Depending on how often your body lays against your throw pillows and blankets, you may want to throw these in the washer every other week.

Under your oven and fridge

Even if you remember to sweep and vacuum under furniture like your sofa and bed, it’s easy to forget the ground under your kitchen appliances. However, these are some of the most important places to sweep and vacuum because the kitchen is the room most likely to collect bits of food. If you leave crumbs on the floor, you may unknowingly attract mice, ants, and other insects.

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