4 tips to design the breakfast nook of your dreams

Whether you’re the type of person who eats a full breakfast every morning, or you’re satisfied drinking a single mug of coffee while you read the daily news, you know your morning routine is sacred. A functional, inviting breakfast nook can help you wake up ready to face the day every morning. Here are our top tips for designing the breakfast nook of your dreams:

#1: Tuck it into just the right spot.

When we think of the perfect breakfast nook, we usually picture a cozy spot in the corner of your kitchen. However, there really aren’t any rules about the absolute best place for your nook! Here are a few suggestions where you may like to place yours:

  • That awkward, small corner in your kitchen or front room
  • Next to a big bay window which could neatly contain a small table and chairs
  • Up against a kitchen island, with a bench backed up to the side so the island acts as a backrest
  • Against a gaping, empty wall in your kitchen

Breakfast nooks can really be any size, so you have plenty of flexibility in placement.

#2: Keep it casual.

Your breakfast nook should be the opposite of a formal dining space. On weekends, this is where you’ll relax and take your time waking up. On weekdays, this is where you’ll greet the morning and get energized for your work day. You should feel completely comfortable and at ease before any of your scheduled obligations begin!

Instead of decking out your breakfast area with high backed dining chairs, opt for smaller, well-cushioned accent chairs. Trade out your ornate tablecloth for a lightweight cotton alternative. Replace your posh centerpiece with an open tray that offers plenty of space for coffee mugs, your gratitude journal, and a purifying plant or two.

#3: Use a bright, airy color palette.

When you first wake up, you don’t want to be shocked with a loud color scheme. We recommend decorating your breakfast nook with colors that help disperse natural light from the sunrise through the room and give you a sense of peace. For example, some of our favorite color options for this space include:

  • White and Gold (like our Abby Metal Chair) — These colors are all the rage among millennial Instagram influencers, and we can see why. White acts as a clean, blank canvas, lending itself to an attractive minimalist design. And gold accents offer a sophisticated air to an otherwise casual interior design scheme.
  • Soft Teal (like our Sonia Retro Chair) — If the beach is your happy place, soft teal is about to become your best friend. This hue looks like the sky on a clear sunny day, or maybe the mist hovering over the ocean… Either way, it’s a peaceful color perfect for your breakfast nook.
  • Natural Wood and Light Gray (like our Soledad Mid Century Chair) — Natural wood tones bring the reflective feelings of nature into your home, and light gray is a cool neutral backdrop for any great design.

#4: Add a bench.

If your breakfast nook is positioned under a bay window, against a long wall, or against your kitchen island, we recommend using a bench along one side of the table. Benches contribute to a casual, relaxed atmosphere. They’re also great for snuggling up to your child, pet, or significant other on a weekend morning.

Some of our favorite breakfast nook benches include:

  • Boothe Settee Loveseat — This bench is stylish and comfortable, with a cushioned seat and back for optimal lounging. Dress it up with a couple bright throw pillows, or go for a more restrained look with a neutral throw blanket.
  • Hemsworth Bench with Casters — This embellished ivory bench is easy to move around your kitchen thanks to the casters on its feet. It would fit in perfectly with a modern or eclectic design style, or even add an unexpected layer of texture for a minimalistic design.
  • Meadows Wood Bench — If you prefer coastal or farmhouse chic interior design, the Meadows Wood Bench is the perfect addition to your breakfast nook. It’s shorter in length than full size benches, making it perfect for tighter spaces.

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