5 Stress-Free Ways to Decorate Your Home for a Small Holiday Party

Setting the mood for a last-minute holiday party with some fantastic decor does not have to keep you stressed or cost you a lot. To help you decorate your home this holiday, we are going to share with you some ideas on how you can decorate your home using items you have in your house. Let's dive into five tips you can apply for a DIY home decoration.

1. Use Ribbon Straps for Candles Decor

You can make your candle pillars look beautiful with colorful ribbons trims that wrap around the candle bases. Use a decorative pin to pin the ribbon into the candle to add some flair to the look. You+ can change the look on a daily basis by using tartan plaids and classic holiday motifs.

2. Early Gift Wrapping

Before you give way gifts this holiday season, use them as decoration in your home. Don't put them in a closet or a store, make them look beautiful and place them in your living room for display. Choose a nice blend of color papers, adornments, and bows that will make your gifts look beautiful, and place the gift packs in different parts of your house.

3. Utilize Necessary Home Features

Add a bit of personalized decor to hide or disguise home features that might take away from the holiday atmosphere. Hang some wall art or a photo over your alarm panel. If you have outdoor security cameras, you could disguise them with tinsel or maybe even use them to greet your guests as they arrive. You still want them to function properly within your home security system, so don’t cover them up completely. Both indoor and outdoor features can help with your decoration needs—raised sprinkler heads, plants, lights, etc. Don't focus on how they might take away from the atmosphere: focus on what you can do to make them add to it.

4. Place Some Tree Ornaments Off the Tree

Use your favorite holiday decorative ornaments in different settings. For instance, you can tie them on napkins and place throughout your home. You can use different kinds of ornaments for an informal look, or you can keep the ornaments uniform to make the room have a dressier look.

5. Decorate the Bathroom

On the mirror in your bathroom, you can write holiday greetings like “Share the holiday spirit with us!” using a dry erase marker or window crayon. You can also draw a Christmas tree on the mirror to make it more lively. This is a fun way to surprise your guests at your home. You can simply wipe it away after the festivities with a simple rag. Better yet, you can change the message or the drawing throughout the festive season.


There is no need of digging deep into your pockets for holiday decoration. You can simply use what you have in your house to come up with beautiful designs for your holiday celebrations. These simple tips will make your house look amazing in no time. All we can say to you now is happy decorating!

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