5 tips for styling your bachelorette pad

We always hear single guys bragging about their awesome bachelor pads, with their beer on tap and supple leather couches, but what about the single ladies? Independent women have just as much of a right to great digs as the men do, so this week, we’re sharing our top tips for decking out your bachelorette pad!

  1. Go neutral with the basics.

There are certain staple pieces of furniture everyone needs, like a bed, a sofa or two, and a place to eat meals. We recommend choosing neutral colors, like natural wood or grey fabrics, for these basic pieces. This way, whenever you feel the mood strike to redecorate, you can simply layer colors and patterns on top with blankets, throw pillows, and table cloths. Neutral colors also make it easy to coordinate smaller items like poufs, lamps, and rugs in your favorite hues.

It may also help to choose timeless styles which are immune to changing design trends. For example, this grey Angela Sofa would fit in well with a modern, classic, or eclectic interior design style. The next time you feel like updating your sitting room to keep up with the latest trends, it will be less expensive to buy a new end table and accent chair than ordering a brand new sofa.

  1. Incorporate objects which help you relax.

At the end of a work day, a bad date, or a raging party, you go home to unwind and have some alone time. When you think of the perfect self care scenario, what comes to mind? If it’s a soothing bath, invest in a great tub. If it’s meditation, set aside a corner of your bedroom or even a spare room for a meditation zone. Here are some other suggestions to put you in a restorative headspace:

  • Include multiple lighting choices, like overhead lights on a dimmer switch or some lamps with different types of light bulbs, so you can always set the mood.
  • Keep a wax warmer or essential oil diffuser in every room.
  • Think about what you always forget before you sit down somewhere. Maybe it’s your reading glasses, a glass of water, or a cozy blanket. Then find a way to keep those things where you relax most often—extra reading glasses on the end table, a pitcher of water on your bar cart, a blanket basket in the corner of the room.
  • Keep your zones separate. For example, don’t set up a work desk in your bedroom where you sleep.
  1. Set up a “getting ready” spot.

If you often find yourself sitting on the floor in front of your full length mirror to put on makeup, let’s end that habit right now! You deserve a cute, organized space to get ready for work and primp for a girls’ night out. If you don't like the idea of keeping a traditional vanity in your bedroom, style a modern vanity corner instead.

Here’s how to do it: Set up a Lucille Bench or Akando Pouf in front of a Rectangular Wall Mirror where you can put on your makeup and fix your hair. Hang a full length mirror on the adjacent wall so you can check out your whole outfit and pick the best shoes. Then set up an end table to hold your makeup, hair styling products, and a jewelry tree with your favorite pieces.

  1. Keep your bathroom organized.

Between all the shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, makeup products, perfumes, and more, many women find it easy to accumulate dozens of bottles in their bathrooms without a second thought. And let’s face it—it’s not attractive to walk into a bathroom with the sink covered in products. Everyone has their own system for staying organized, so let’s find yours. Do you need a small shelving unit to sit on your counter, or to hang on the wall? An organizing tray in each drawer under your sink?

One easy way to make your bathroom look and feel more put together is to take your loose products and keep them in cute containers. For example, put all your cotton balls and hair ties in jars. Find a container to hold all your hair wands and dryer in the cabinet under the sink. The point is, figure out what works for you, and stick with it.

  1. Make your space feel like it’s yours!

If you plan to have a long term romantic partner one day, or even just rent out a room to a tenant at some point, you have limited time to live your best single life without having to care about someone else’s opinions. So embrace every design desire you have right now!

One way you can really personalize your space is by designing your own sofa or sectional with Sofa Creations. We offer endless opportunities to create the perfect seating for your home, with dozens of fabric and color options and the ability to craft your couch to the exact dimensions you need. Start by browsing our most popular styles online, or come up with a completely unique design for us to bring to life! Contact us for more information on how to get started.