5 tips to upgrade your small entryway

Maybe your house, condo, or apartment doesn't have a foyer… But that doesn't mean you can’t design a stunning entryway! Make your guests feel warm and welcomed as soon as they walk through the front door with our five favorite entryway styling tips:

#1: Start on the right foot with a killer rug.

With Bay Area housing prices reaching sky high levels, people are downsizing to smaller homes every day. If you’re working with minimal square footage in your entryway, a patterned rug can instantly add lots of character without crowding your space. We recommend choosing a low pile rug with a finer pattern, because these are easier to vacuum while also hiding any dirt which may be tracked in right as people walk in. For example, check out our Zola Rust Rug, Xavier Ivory Rug, or Vivid Blue Rug.

#2: Make your entryway work hard for you.

Your entryway can be stylish and functional at the same time! Before you settle for purely practical items, or make the opposite mistake of falling in love with beautiful unneeded decor, think about how you need your entryway to work for you. Do you need places to hang your handbag, dog leash, and cardigan? Do you need a place to set the mail and your keys right when you walk through the door? Do you need a lamp to leave on when you leave the house for a girls’ night out?

After you know what functions you need your entryway to serve, hunt for gorgeous decor which also gets the job done. Here are some of our favorite items from other local Bay Area shops:

#3: Don’t forget the walls!

We often think about decorating our main living areas with cheerful wallpaper and bold colors, but when’s the last time you considered papering or painting your entryway? Especially when you’re working with a small entryway, this could be the easiest part of your home to wallpaper or paint. Give your guests a preview of your overall interior design scheme with a patterned or brightly colored entryway.

Alternatively, you can use wallpaper to visually expand the size of your entryway. If you use the same wallpaper on your entryway that you use for the room directly attached to the space or in your front stairwell, the entryway will feel larger and more connected to the rest of your home. Similarly, adding a large mirror to the wall can create the illusion of more square footage than you actually have.

#4: Make your entryway reflect who you are.

Your entryway doesn’t just introduce guests to your home—it introduces them to you. If you invite over your work colleagues for dinner, your out-of-town relatives for a short visit, or a new friend for a board game night, this may be your guests’ first time getting to see the real you. What type of first impression do you want to make?

Personalize your entryway with photos of yourself on your favorite vacations, small antiques you’ve collected over the years, artwork passed on from your grandmother… Whatever will let people get an inside look at your favorite version of yourself.

#5: Always, always have a comfy place to sit.

Every other room in your home has a sofa or cozy chair, and your entryway shouldn’t be any different! When you need to lace up your vintage knee high boots, ask your date to wait for you to finish getting ready, or help your kids fill their backpack before school in the morning, be sure your entryway is prepared with a cushiony seat.

Maybe you’re thinking your entryway is too small for the dream couch you would like to include, but that’s what we’re here for! Sofa Creations specializes in helping Bay Area residents custom design the exact sofa they need for any room in their home—even a tight entryway. First, let us know how you want your sofa to look. You can choose from one of our most popular styles, or describe your own unique vision. Then we can customize your sofa with the colors, fabric, and exact dimensions you need to fit your space. Contact us to learn more and ask questions, or stop by one of our showrooms in San Francisco, Redwood City, or San Rafael to see some of our favorite furniture pieces in person first.