5 Ways to Create a Unique Home Style

Your home is your sanctuary. It is your place to shine by putting your fingerprints all over the design. Decorating may not come naturally to everyone, but by using your own personality and letting your imagination run wild, a more unique home is in your sights. Incorporate all the bold design ideas you can to give your home a look that represents your special style. If you need some inspiration, take a look at the following five ideas to give your home a more unique look.

1. Aquariums Are Excellent

There is nothing like an inspired use of an aquarium to make a room special. One of the most fabulous ways to use an aquarium is a a gigantic headboard in the bedroom. Lying back in bed as you look up at fish swimming above your head is one of the most relaxing ways imaginable to fall asleep.You can also use the dim, calming lights and sounds that accompany an aquarium tank for a low-lit basement theater room or office.

2. Repurpose Salvaged Materials

One of the best things you can do for your home design is to go green in as many ways as possible. An inspired way to do this is to repurpose antique materials. Using repurposed window frames for interior spaces is one of the hottest ways to get aboard this eco-friendly trend that makes you and the planet feel good. Country chic barn doors create rustic charm without the penthouse price tag. Try using old furniture in new ways to make the green look come alive on any budget.

3. Brick Does the Trick

Sometimes beauty already exists in your home, lying in wait for you to bring it out for the world to see. If you have brick walls that are covered, exposing this brick is one of the most incredible ways to give your home a look that gets noticed. Vintage brick has a fantastic texture that will instantly give any room presence. Perhaps your bulky dresses are covering up the artisan wainscoting around the edges of your room. Rearrange to draw interest to one wall, or significant feature that’s unique to your home.

4. Go Custom

A surefire way to get a uniquely “you” look is to customize whenever possible. Generic decorations, hardware, and paint found in department stores will get used up quickly. Not to say that you shouldn’t save money, but for a wow factor, choos customizable pieces. This could be a simple wall decal, perhaps a custom sofa aligned perfectly to your room’s measurements, or hand-crafted hardware.

5. Let There Be Light

A lack of light is one of the cardinal sins in home design. If your home suffers from this problem, it is your first duty to upgrade your interior light to bring out the true beauty of your house. With so many options available like skylights, light tubes, and windows of every kind, there is no excuse not to have your home basking in natural light.

It is easier than you think to craft the perfect look for your home. Simply implement all the ideas you know to make the look your own. Start with these five tips to give your home a unique look.