6 tips for styling your home library

Did you know February is Library Lovers Month? Whether you have a Beauty and the Beast-style library at home or a small book nook in the corner of your apartment, we love the idea of setting aside a special space for escaping into the world of reading. Here are some of our tips for setting up your own library:



Invest in beautiful shelving.



One of the best parts of having a home library is the personality it brings into your home. You may want your library to bring a sense of regality and sophistication, or you may be going for a cozier, more relaxed vibe. Either way, your library isn’t the place to skimp on furniture costs. Find some built-in or stand alone shelves which speak to your design aesthetic and go all in!



Be sure the room is well lit.



Every time of day is great for reading. That’s why it’s important to have several “layers” of lighting in your library to accommodate your mood. On a Saturday morning, you may have plenty of natural light flooding your library and you may only need some accent lights to illuminate your bookshelves. However, if it’s a rainy day, you may also appreciate some ambient lights from wall sconces or lamps. And in the evenings, if you want to read without straining your eyes, you may want some brighter reading lamps which you can position right over your shoulder.



Style your shelves according to the reasons you want a library.



The way you style your bookshelves should depend upon the reasons you want to display your books in the first place. Do you want the books to double as decor? If so, you may want to be selective about which books you display. The color of the covers and height of the books can affect the overall look of your room.



On the other hand, if you want a library which shows off your personality, you should put out all of your books! Your guests can learn a lot about you just by browsing the titles you read. You may even want to incorporate framed photos, trip souvenirs, and other knick knacks throughout your shelves to create a more personal look.



Take advantage of the open storage space.



The walls of your library will (obviously) be covered in shelves, so this is a great opportunity for storing all kinds of things you love—not just books. If you have a collection of wooden model boats, sparkling crystal, or family heirlooms, consider showing them off on your bookshelves. You can even add glass doors to help prevent dust from building up on these special items.



Think about what else you may want to do in your library.



How do you feel when you’re surrounded by books? Libraries often help us enter a quiet, focused headspace—perfect for working from home or helping your kids with their homework. If this is true for you, it may be a good idea to set aside space in your library for a desk or communal work table.



Or maybe books make you want to sit down with a book, glass of wine, and a snack to unwind at the end of the day. In this case, you may want to style your book nook with a bar cart, mini fridge, and side tables next to each seat. The point is, your library may serve as a great multifunctional space in your home, so you should think about the other purposes it could serve for you.



Don’t forget snuggle-worthy seating!



If you can’t sink into a soft chair for a relaxing read, why even have a library, right? No matter what room dimensions or design style you’re working with, you can customize the perfect sofa for your home library. Start with a classic design like the Highboy Chesterfield Sofa, or even something more off-the-wall like the Tiburon Sofa, and then customize your couch to the exact dimensions and colors you prefer for your book nook.



If you have a full room to work with, you may want to add a recliner or some accent chairs so your house guests will all have a place to relax and enjoy your book collection. Some of our clients even like to keep a few lounge pillows on hand in case they want to lay down with a good story.



Whatever you need for your library seating, we would love to help. Come visit one of our three Bay Area showrooms to see our chairs, sofas, and sectionals in person. Or give us a call to ask your design questions right away.