6 ways to decorate with antiques and vintage items

Many of us own a few antique or vintage items that we really love, but have trouble incorporating into the rest of our interior design scheme. Maybe you have a beautiful family heirloom that doesn’t seem to go with your modern furniture, or you’ve collected some cool vintage items from the Berkeley Flea Market and you’re not sure what to do with them now. Whatever historic items you have, we have some tips for decorating with them!

#1: Pair your antique item with something modern.

If you’re afraid a particular item will look out of place in your room, let the antique item accessorize a modern piece, or vice versa. Here are some examples:

#2: Incorporate vintage art into a mostly modern gallery wall.

Gallery walls are perfect for mixing different styles of art! Decorate a wall with a combination of your vintage art, contemporary art, photos, mirrors, and any other accessories you think will work well together.

#3: Try your hand at some upcycling projects.

Think about how you can modify your antique and vintage pieces to make them work with your current design scheme. Here are some examples:

  • Turn a vintage window frame into photo frames with family photos and spray adhesive.
  • Add a new coat of paint or reupholster older furniture pieces.
  • Use a vintage ladder to store your throw blankets.

#4: Use brightly colored antique and vintage items to brighten up a room.

If you typically decorate with neutral colors like white, tan, brown, and grey, let your antiques and vintage items add a pop of color. Even some of your neutral colored antiques can be brightened up! Fill a crystal bowl with bright bulbs to decorate your coffee table, use a vintage watering can to hold a colorful bouquet of flowers, and set a bold tray on top of a rustic crate-turned-end-table.

#5: On the other hand, let a similar color palette tie your things together.

If your rooms are already full of lively colors, this offers a design opportunity too! Antiques and vintage items will fit right in next to modern items of similar hues. Here are some examples:

#6: Design a custom sofa or sectional to make your favorite antiques and vintage items look right at home.

With Sofa Creations, you can design a custom sofa or sectional to perfectly coordinate with the antique or vintage item that’s tripping you up. Start by browsing our most popular styles online for inspiration, or go ahead and request a custom quote for the vision you already have in your head! We can’t wait to help complete your home design.