8 Ideas For Decorating A Teen Girl's Bedroom

As your daughter approaches her teenage years, you may be at a loss for how to decorate her room. She’ll make likely the transition from a child to a tween to a teenager to a young adult, all in the same room! How can you be sure she’ll love her space as she matures, especially if she has visions of bright colors and bold decor right now? Here are eight ideas for designing a fabulous bedroom for a teenage girl:

Instead of painting all of the walls with a bright color, just paint the bottom third of each wall.

She'll still have that pop of a bold hue without overwhelming everyone who walks in. Also, leaving the top two thirds of the walls white can help make the room feel larger.

Decorate with favorite colors or patterns instead of a theme.

For example, instead of painting her room with animal-shaped wall stencils that may look childish as she gets older, choose a diamond pattern (like the one on our Aiyana Pouf) that will look great at any age. Everything in her room will last longer through the transition from a tween to a teenager.

Turn an accent wall into a gallery wall.

Frame art with simple, neutral colored frames—this way, if her taste in art changes, she can easily swap out the prints without having to worry about the frames matching her new favorite pieces.

Add space (visually) with mirrors.

If your daughter feels cramped in her room, you can add the illusion of more space by incorporating decorative mirrors into the wall decor. Some of our favorite options for teens include our Iron Flower Mirror, Flower-Shaped Mirror, and Glam Wall Mirror.

Set up activity “zones” in the room.

If your daughter plans to sleep, study, and relax in her room, allow each activity to have its own separate space. For example, the bed may sit in the center of the room, with a lounge area to the left and a desk for studying to the right. Here are some other tips:

  • If she’ll have a TV in her room, turn the desk so it faces away from the screen.
  • Be sure her study area has easy access to an electrical outlet for a reading lamp and computer.
  • Customize the dimensions of her favorite sofa so it fits snugly in her relaxation zone without crowding the rest of the room.

Take advantage of multi-use items.

Teenagers love to be able to entertain in a private space, which can be difficult in a bedroom with limited space. Make her furniture work double duty with items like a sleeper sofa, which is easy for her to use as a place to sit and hang out with friends, but can also be used as an extra place to sleep during sleepovers. Also, poufs can be used as end tables or foot rests for her lounge area, but can also be easily turned into extra seating when she has multiple friends over at the same time.

When purchasing staple furniture pieces, choose timeless styles with clean lines.

For example, items like the Angela Sofa or a Vivid Rug will never go out of style as your daughter gets older. As her tastes change over time, it will be much easier to swap out throw pillows, poufs, and her desk chair than it will be to purchase a new bed frame, couch, or desk.

Add a touch of luxury.

Teenage years can be tough! Make sure your daughter feels a sense of comfort and bliss whenever she walks into her room with items like a plush Velvet Swivel Chair at her desk, a super soft Metro Rug at her feet, and a custom sofa she helped design herself.