A Look Inside: Interior design of the California governor's mansion

Have you ever taken a tour of the California governor’s mansion? The historic home was built in 1877, and the classic charm remains even as many governors’ families have changed certain interior design elements like the furniture and drapery. Many governors choose not to move into the governor’s mansion for their full time home, so you can see still see some of the design choices made by notable governors like Ronald Reagan!

Check out photos of the mansion’s interior from the California parks department. You can also see some more recent photos from SF Gate.

The Front Hallway

In the front hallway, you’ll immediately realize the regality of the mansion with its high ceilings, detailed doorway arches, and magnificent chandeliers and lamps. The detailed designs on the ceilings and doors are highlighted with gold paint.

Get the look:

The Formal Parlor

The parks department tells us that the furniture in this room was selected by Earl Warren’s wife in the 1940’s, who clearly had a love for Victorian-style designs. The chairs, drapes, and carpet contain deep reds, and the whole room has a distinguished air.

Get the look:

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The Second Parlor

This room can be used for more casual conversation and time spent with family, including the kids. Still, the room is decorated beautifully with gold printed wallpaper, a sparkling chandelier, and a patterned marble fireplace.

Get the look:

  • Our Austin Small Arm Sofa is a modernized version of the couch chosen by Pat Brown’s wife in the 1960’s, using the same silhouette but without the dated draping in front.
  • Our Sanya Crimson Ivory Rug is a much more affordable version of the Second Parlor’s Persian carpet.

The Office

This room has clearly been updated more recently than others to make it suitable for Jerry Brown’s work. However, he still used rustic, dark wooden furniture pieces and a detailed carpet to outfit his office.

The Pink Bedroom

Home to many former first ladies, this feminine bedroom has soft pink wallpaper, frilly drapes, and a walk in closet with coats from some of its previous occupants.

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The Music Room

Outfitted with a vintage Steinway piano from 1903, the music room has entertained many a governor and celebrity! The overstuffed seating still bears the deep red and maroon colors from the rest of the home, but has a much cozier vibe.

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