Do's and Don’ts for decorating your first house

Congratulations on moving into your first house! It’s such a big step to take the leap from an apartment or condo to a single-family home for the first time. Whenever you make a major transition like this, it’s a great opportunity to try out new interior design styles and find what works for you. But it can be overwhelming to get started, especially with such a large space to decorate! Here are our biggest Do’s and Don’ts for decorating your first house:



Do follow Marie Kondo’s advice — Get rid of your old furniture which no longer brings you joy.



This is your chance for a fresh start! Hanging onto your old kitchen table with the rickety leg and those tiny end tables from your college dorm room will only squelch your excitement for this new step in your life. It’s hard to feel inspired in your interior design when you have to keep looking at the furniture you feel you’ve outgrown. Check out some of our favorite local Bay Area nonprofit organizations where you can donate these furniture pieces to people who really need them!



But don’t get rid of everything right away — Think about whether you want to repurpose anything first.



If you purge all your belongings before you move in, you may end up regretting it! Sure, your giant CD storage shelf from the 90’s may seem pointless when you stream all your music online, but now you can use it to display your collection of travel souvenirs or put it in your child’s room to organize their stuffed animals. And maybe those hand-me-down dining room chairs are the perfect opportunity to try out one of those DIY projects that have been sitting in your Pinterest board for months.



Do think about where you spend most of your time — Focus your interior design energy and budget in these rooms.



When you’re at home, in which rooms do you relax most often? If you entertain in the living room with cocktails or Netflix parties, plan to spend most of your time and money outfitting this room. If you prefer to lounge in a personal study with some quality introvert time, prioritize one of your spare bedrooms. Think about the colors and textures that make you feel most comfortable, and all the functions you want your furniture to serve in that room. These decisions can help guide the rest of your interior design throughout your new home.



But don’t spend a ton of money decorating before you move in — You may find your lifestyle has changed once you actually live in your new space for a while.



Factors like your new commute time, how quickly you become friends with your neighbors, and even which parts of the house have the most natural light during the day will all impact the way you live in your house. You may discover that you like to spend more time in your kitchen than you expected because your huge island makes cooking more enjoyable. Or you may fall in love with your brand new bedroom and spend most of your alone time there. These lifestyle changes may cause you to shift your decorating priorities.



Do create a sense of cohesion through color — A common color palette throughout your home makes guests feel welcome and you feel cozy.



Think about the colors that make you feel peaceful. Do you like the minimalism of grays and whites, the warmth of browns and yellows, the coolness of blues and greens, or the energy of bright hues? Start by choosing a base color, and then select two or three “pops” of color to weave into your color scheme. Check out our tips for incorporating metals into your interior design too.



But don’t feel pressured to buy matchy-matchy furniture sets — Your home wasn’t meant to look like a showroom floor.



Furniture stores love to set up example bedrooms, living rooms, and decks to help you picture what your home could look like with pieces from their interior design collections. However, these showrooms are only meant to spark ideas—don't feel like you need to purchase a couch, recliner, and accent chair all from the same collection! When you visit Sofa Creations in San Francisco, Redwood City, or San Rafael, we want to help you customize the perfect sofas and sectionals for your unique home. Then we can help you select accompanying furniture like benches, poufs, and rugs that coordinate without looking cookie cutter. We can’t wait to help you start styling your new home!