Get the Look: Our favorite fictional homes from TV shows

As much as we love the storylines and characters from these iconic TV shows, we can't help but get distracted by their amazing homes! Here are our favorite fictional homes from television shows, and tips for getting the look in your own home.

The Brady House, The Brady Bunch

Didn't you always want to be a Brady living in their cozy, colorful house? (Well, maybe with a little less wood paneling.) We’ve always been in love with this family from the nearby city of Los Angeles.

Get the look:

Charlie’s Beach House, Two and a Half Men

If Charlie’s beach house were really in our neighboring city of Malibu, we would definitely be at his next pool party. At least we can replicate the laid back style!

Get the look:

Banks Mansion, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Also located in California, we would love to live in the Banks Mansion with Will Smith! The pale pink walls, wide open kitchen, and eclectic decor make us swoon.

Get the look:

Emily and Richard’s House, Gilmore Girls

This is the first house on our list not based in California, but it would be worth the trip to see the mansion Emily Gilmore designed for her and her husband’s lavish lifestyle.

Get the look:

Frasier’s Apartment, Frasier

Finally, we couldn’t complete our list of amazing TV show homes without mentioning our pretentious friend Frasier! His apartment overlooked gorgeous views of Seattle, but the interior may have been even more impressive.

Get the look:

  • Reagan Sofa — Frasier never stops reminding guests that his living room sofa is a replica of Coco Chanel’s. For us mortals, the Reagan Sofa is a close alternative!
  • Banff II Recliner — When Frasier tries to replace his father’s hideous, ripped recliner, he opts for something sleek and comfortable.
  • Zola Rug — This rug would have fit right into Frasier’s neutral decor scheme.

What about you?

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