How to choose an area rug for your dorm room

Welcome back, college students! If you’re a student at Stanford University, UC Berkeley, San Francisco State University, or another local Bay Area college, you’ll be moving into your dorm room within the next few weeks. As you decorate your dorm, you may notice the vinyl floors aren’t very comfortable or attractive. Here are some questions we commonly receive about choosing area rugs for campus housing:

What size area rug should I get for my dorm room?

The ideal dorm room rug size depends on how much of the space you want to cover. Here are some good rules of thumb:

  • 5’x8’ — This is the most popular rug size for university housing. A 5’x8’ rug will cover most of your floor space, leaving room for your furniture around the edges. This size is also one of the more cost efficient options; if you wanted to get a rug which covers your entire floor, they would become considerably more expensive.
  • 4’x6’ — This is a good option for students who aren’t sure whether your roommate’s style will coordinate with yours. A 4’x6’ rug will cover the space next to your bed, while also respecting your roommate’s boundaries.
  • 3’x5’ — The 3’x5’ rug is the most cost efficient rug for students who don’t mind the appearance of the regular vinyl flooring of their dorm. It covers just enough space next to your bed to give you something soft to place your feet on when you first wake up.


How much space will an area rug cover in my dorm room?

The pointers above should give you an idea of how to choose the right rug size for your room, but you should also keep in mind that every campus has its own floor plans and room dimensions. Here are some links to take a virtual tour of university housing in some of the Bay Area’s most popular schools:

If you’re attending another school this fall, they should have their own student housing information pages if you search terms like “Campus Life,” “Student Housing,” or “University Housing.”


What are the best area rugs for dorm rooms this season?

We believe the best area rug for your dorm room is the one which best matches your style and personality. Here are some of our most popular designs this season, listed by color, to give you some inspiration:

Neutrals (like gray, tan, and white):

  • Zola Farmhouse Rug — A gray and white design which coordinates well with a classic or minimalistic design style.
  • Xavier Ivory Rug — This complex print can tie together any design scheme, whether the rest of your room is decorated in neutral shades or bright colors.
  • Serendipity Sand Rug — This detailed brown design on a sandy background would tie together a bohemian, minimalistic, or feminine room.

Blues and Greens:

  • Zara Royal Blue Rug — A bold, large print geometric pattern for a pop of color.
  • Vivid Blue Rug — A casual woven rug with speckles of blue, green, and ivory, which would coordinate well with any design style.
  • Venice Ivory Blue Rug — Reminiscent of splatter art, this abstract pattern adds a soft touch to a modern room.

Reds and Oranges:

  • Zara Patterned Orange Rug — A bright, artistic pattern combining zig zags and diamond shapes, great for creative students.
  • Xavier Rust Rug — A modern take on the traditional patterns of rich Persian rugs.
  • Shibori Orange Rug — This defined pattern incorporates a water colored or tie dyed vibe.


  • Piazza Mellow Rug — This rosy rug pulls together medallion and flower prints in a soft design.
  • Perla Pink Rug — Bright pink spots can pull color out of a modern, neutral dorm room.
  • Loft Modern Rug — A subtle, tight pattern coordinates with any design style, including classic, minimalistic, and even bohemian styles.


Where can I find other furniture for my dorm room?

Sofa Creations offers more than just area rugs! We sell high quality furniture and accessories for California college students online and in our three Bay Area show rooms. You can even order a custom sofa with the exact dimensions, style, and colors you prefer for your campus housing. Start browsing our collection online at, or contact us for help designing your dorm room.