How to decorate a new office

When you land a new job or move to a new office, there’s a lot of energy and excitement that comes from having a new workspace. However, you can’t just leave it the way it comes, with a bland desk and unadorned walls! Here at Sofa Creations, we know how important work environment is for productivity. A big component of that is aesthetic. Your office décor has the power to energize you at work or suck all the creativity out of you, so make sure you make décor choices that enable the former. Thankfully, we can help with that. Here are some tips for decorating your new office.

Personalize your space

Your office is where you’re going to be spending a lot of your time at work, so we recommend adding décor that is personal or meaningful to you in some way. Think about your own tastes, your favorite colors, or knickknacks that have stories behind them. Framed pictures of your family for your desk and posters of things you enjoy on the walls are great ways to own the space. And feeling at home in your new office isn’t without its perks: studies have shown that personalizing your office can increase your productivity by up to 32%!

When personalizing your new office, be sure not to neglect the floor. Add some flavor to your space by picking out a bean bag chair or rug that matches your style, like our Venice ivory blue rug.

Liven up your office by utilizing windows and plants

Natural lighting in your new office can do wonders for your mood and productivity. Consider getting some blinds that match the color palette of the room. But if the outside world is a distraction, think about getting some blackout curtains if you need to focus. If you don’t have a window at all in your new office, you can liven up your office by decorating it with something that’s actually alive…potted plants! Jade plants, peace lilies, spider plants, and other small plants can help make your new office feel warm and inviting. And many plants like these don’t require much maintenance.

Include items that make use of color, lighting, and shape.

Lighting and color can make a surprisingly large impact on office productivity. If you don’t have a window bringing natural light into the space, we recommend buying one or two desk lamps or standing lamps to give your workspace some atmosphere. This is especially useful if your office has harsh florescent overhead lights. Color is also important, because blue and green lights or decorations tend to boost your creativity, while red tends to help us focus on small details.

In addition to color and lighting, pay attention to shape when choosing décor for your new office. Hard lines and squares can, understandably, make you feel boxed-in, but circular pieces can help foster a sense of teamwork and creativity. Our Bermuda contemporary sphere pouf, for example, is a great addition to your office.

Custom furniture for your custom office

We hope some of these tips helped you think about ways to make your new office feel like a home. But if you really want that homey feeling, consider getting some high-quality furniture for when you need to relax or when you have office visitors. Our Clyde sofa is a great option, and comes in dozens of fabric and color options. But if you really want something personal that matches your exact taste in furniture, we can help! We specialize in custom sofas, and our team of experts is committed to designing the furniture of your dreams. Contact us on our website for a custom quote, or check out our collection of designs.