How to incorporate Southern flair into your home

When you think about traditional Southern homes, you probably get images of shaded porches with rocking chairs, antiques and knickknacks on display, and a general sense of charm and hospitality. Here at Sofa Creations, we’re always thinking about interior design, and ways that you can make your home more interesting and inviting. Thankfully, you can do so without having to move to South Carolina or Alabama! Here are some ways to incorporate Southern flair into your home no matter where you live.

Accessories that create a welcoming atmosphere

Southern-style homes have a reputation for making you feel at home right when you walk in. Even before that, actually! Consider getting a sturdy welcome mat for outside your door that has a fun phrase written on it, or something that would make a guest smile. And on the inside, putting a small table by the entryway with a lamp and scented candle is an easy way to add that Southern flair of hospitality.

For many modern homes, the living room is the central space where activities tend to gravitate towards. But in Southern homes, the kitchen is often the center of things! Keeping cookbooks on display or keeping a pitcher of water (or sweet tea!) out are great ways to add some Southern charm to your kitchen. And if you don’t want to stop there, getting some traditional copper cookware can add a unique Southern flavor.

Floral patterns

Floral prints for wallpaper or throw pillows is a staple of Southern décor. Warm patterns of ivy and planted flowers can really make your place pop with that inviting Southern influence. And we’re not saying you need to need to go all-out with botanical wallpaper on every surface if that isn’t your style – simply having a floral print in one bathroom can add some interest without being too dramatic. Or you can combine floral pillows with a cozy piece of furniture like our Chandler Sofa.

If you aren’t a fan of floral patterns but wouldn’t mind the real thing, a great option is to get some fresh flowers and pepper your living space with them. Daffodils, azaleas, magnolia, and dogwood flowers are some lovely traditional Southern flowers that can really make your home pop.

Photographs and paintings

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a traditional Southern-style home that doesn’t have paintings or photos on display in some capacity – on tables, countertops, and focal points on the walls. Filling up unused wall space with paintings or photos of rural landscapes is an easy and cost-efficient way to incorporate Southern flair into your home. Photos of Charleston or a Mississippi sunset are great, and photo collages of friends or family can add a touch of personal warmth to your home. Consider photos of Southern cultural staples like food and live music to add a burst of color to a wall or end table.

Antiques and vintage furniture

Vintage furniture is huge staple of traditional Southern décor, and antiques like record players and lamps are quite common. There’s just something about a piece of furniture with a history behind it that makes guests feel instantly at home! This isn’t to say that you need to make your home look like your great-grandmother’s house. But going to a flea market, antique store, or local thrift shop is a great way to pick up some vintage items for cheap that can add some Southern flair to you home.

Even when Southern-style furniture or accessories are vintage, they are usually sturdy and well-constructed. After all, there’s a reason why that vintage sofa has lasted so long! We’ve got some great options for furniture that has a homey, vintage feel, like this bright beige fabric wing chair and Victoria sofa. Our furniture is crafted with the best materials and built to last!

Décor that tells a story

Whether it’s furniture, vintage accessories, kitchenware, or wall decorations, the great thing about Southern décor is that it tells a story and has personal meaning behind it. Add a fun photo to a wall or table that makes guests ask about it, or dust off your grandfather’s old vinyl collection and display it in the living room. Antique stores and flea markets are great places to find things that have a story behind them, and can be incorporated into your home’s own history.

We hope these tips helped spark some ideas for incorporating Southern flair into your home! Here at Sofa Creations, we know how important it is to find furniture that is welcoming, built to last, and fits your particular style. We have a large selection of sofas, accent chairs, poufs and more, including options with a vintage-yet-elegant feel. And if you really want something that tells a story, something that’s uniquely you, we offer custom sofa designs to create the perfect sofa for your home. You can take a look at our website to browse our designs or contact us about a custom design!