How To Make Your Guest Room Feel Like Home

Inviting guests over is one of life's great pleasures. The chance to catch up on old friends, speak with relatives who live far away or welcome a grown child back home is one that many people adore. Many homeowners reserve a specific room in their homes just for the use of guests. A guest room allows the homeowner to offer their guests a dedicated place to stay where they can relax in quiet comfort. When creating a guest room, many homeowners want to make the place feel like an extension of their own home. They look for ways to make sure guests feel genuinely welcome. There are lots of things the homeowner can do to transform any extra space into a room any visitor will appreciate.

Creature Comforts

Making a guest room comfortable is the first order of business. A guest should feel happy when they're in the guest room. Think about what the guest needs from the room. Start with a bed they'll like. Bedding should be soft and pleasing to the touch. Layering is good. A fitted sheet topped with a mattress topper and then multiple layers of blankets allows the occupant to determine what feels most comfortable for them. Think about elevating the bed so that it offers more storage space that guests can use. Give people room to unpack their personal items. A wicker basket at the foot of the bed makes it easy. You can also use a folding luggage rack that stores neatly in the closet when not in use. Offer guests their own private towels and toiletries in one corner of the room. If you live on a busy street, consider including items such as an eye mask and ear plugs. This way, they'll sleep more soundly. Leave a local newspaper and magazines with local happenings on hand so they can get to know your area better.

Special Considerations

When designing a guest room, it's a good idea to think about how it's going to be used. For example, you might have lots of friends and family with small children. Make the kids feel comfortable with a bed of their own. Inflatable mattresses are a novelty many kids really like. Keep them in the closet and bring out as needed. Trundle beds that go underneath a bed are also another way to add additional sleeping spaces without filling the room with furniture. Your older relatives may have mobility issues. You can make it easy for them to use the room by making sure you have universal design elements such as door handles that are easy to grab even if someone has arthritis.

Maintaining the Space

Once you've set up the basic structure of the room, you'll want to keep it in good shape. Change out the linens on a regular basis. Bring out heavier bedding when the weather gets colder. Make sure all the home's window screens are in place and don't have any gaps that might let in bugs and other unwanted pests. Consider using a series of rugs on the floor that can be removed for easy cleaning all year long. After your guest leaves, be sure to check all areas of the room. They may have left something behind they need. You want to clean up after any accidental spills as soon as possible, so nothing gets damaged.

Other Details

Details really make any space come to life. Add a comfortable chair so your guests can have time to let go of the stresses of travel. Place it next to a night table, so they have a place to set a cell phone down. Leave room in any closet and a set of hangers so a guest can place some of their own things there. If your friends and relatives are traveling with pets, make sure you have a specific space for the dog to sit or for the cat to leave their carrier.

A Home Away From Home

Creating a home away from home is easier than ever today. Your guest bedroom is the ideal way to indicate you're really pleased to see your favorite people. Think about their personal needs in specific detail. A great guest room plan is endlessly adaptable. It should allow you to make any changes you need easily. Each corner of the room should serve the specific purpose of inviting people inside. Fabulous details like foldaway luggage racks, comfortable bed linens and extra spaces for children to sleep are the ideal way to have a great time when your friends and family come to stay.

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