How to make your home look cleaner (without actually cleaning!)

It’s been a long day at work, and you have friends coming over in half an hour for drinks… The last thing you want to do is rush to clean your house before they arrive. Fortunately, there are some interior design tricks you can use to make your home appear tidy and clutter free at all times! Here are some of our favorites:



Less is more.



If your goal is to cut down on the appearance of chaos, try to follow the “less is more” principle. Instead of filling a large sitting room with five seating options, consider using a sectional and a one or two other chairs. Rather than designing a gallery wall with all sorts of photos and mixed art pieces, opt for large statement pieces. Or better yet, visually expand your space with some large hanging mirrors.



Also, keep this strategy in mind when you style bookshelves and table tops. Avoid spreading out your knick knacks and collections all over the house. You can still display your favorite collectibles—just designate a single shelf or shadowbox for these items! Then decorate your coffee table with a clean centerpiece, or even just an empty tray which can hold your drinks, snacks, and the current book you’re reading.



Allow for empty space and airiness.



Speaking of visually expanding your space, it’s important to make sure you can actually feel the space in your room! Be sure to avoid choosing furniture pieces which block light or feel bulky. Instead, select a sofa which stands on legs to allow light to pass underneath. Find side tables with glass tops or made from clear acrylic. And replace your thick window drapes with sheer, breezy curtains.



Decorate each room in just one or two different colors.



Bright, multicolored patterns are super fun to use when designing your room, but they also immediately add a feeling of “busy-ness" to the space. When you use lots of different colors in your design scheme, you have to be diligent about picking up miscellaneous items strewn about the room, such as mail and shoes. Otherwise, the room can quickly begin to look cluttered and messy.



Instead, try decorating with just one or two colors. This doesn’t mean your room has to look boring and one dimensional—you can use multiple shades of each color you choose! For example, you can layer navy patterned throw pillows on a steel blue sofa, and then add aquamarine accessories around the room.



Choose furniture with the same height.



In the same way multiple colors can create a sense of disorganization, various levels of chair backs and shelving heights can make a room feel more cluttered than it really is. Try to choose furniture pieces which appear to take up the same amount of space as one another. Sofa Creations makes this process easy by allowing you to customize the dimensions, color, and style of your couch or sectional.



Create a sense of overall consistency in your design.



Are you sensing a pattern here? In addition to choosing decor items of the same color and height, you can continue creating a clean look by selecting furniture and home goods which incorporate similar styles. Decide on one or two materials, design styles, or time periods which inspire your decor. For example, if you prefer a minimalistic and neutral look, you may like our Ashbury Sofa paired with our Industrial Modern Bench.



Additionally, decorate your space with symmetry. A room which looks like a mirror image of itself, or which uses lots of parallel lines and right angles, will automatically look cleaner than a home decorated with eclectic and abstract patterns.



Find a way to end the “stuff dump.”



When you get ready in the morning, do you leave makeup and hair products all over the bathroom counter? Do you find yourself dropping your work bag and keys on the entryway table every day when you get home? Commit to ending your “dumping” habits! Maybe you need to find some under-the-sink organizers to hold your daily bathroom products. Maybe you need to hang up some hooks in your entryway and find a new furniture piece with cabinets to store your work materials. Everyone has their own organizational system—it’s just a matter of finding what works for you.



Ask for help!



If you still feel like your design is struggling, we would love to help you find the furniture and accessories to update your home. Contact us online or by phone to ask basic questions or stop by one of our three Bay Area showrooms to get real life inspiration for your home design. You can even request a custom quote for the sofa or sectional you’ve been dreaming about!