How to set up a cozy reading nook

Whether your New Year’s resolution is to read more often, do a better job at prioritizing self care, or spend more time reflecting on yourself and your goals, we definitely recommend setting up a cozy reading nook in your home! Designating a space for quiet reading, journaling, and meditation can help you to truly unplug and reset. Here’s how to get started:



First, find the perfect spot for your nook.



Maybe this is a corner of your living room, a bonus space in your bedroom, or even a whole room in your house that you fashion into a full fledged library! The point is, you should pick a spot which you can fully commit to setting aside as a quiet space, free of distractions. When deciding where to set up your reading nook, think about all the elements you want to fit into it. Do you need a full bookshelf, or just a small space to store a few books at a time? Will you be able to relax better next to a window? Do you need space for a foot rest?



Next, choose the coziest seats you can find.



Fully indulge whatever desires you have for your dream reading space! Do you plan to use your nook for family reading time with your kids? You may want to style a custom sofa which can fit every member of your clan. Do you prefer to read alone in a comfy cocoon? You might like a Barnett Swivel Chair. Do you need to be able to fully recline while listening to a silky-voiced audiobook reader? Go for a luxurious recliner in whatever style you prefer.



We’ve also seen some creative reading nooks which don’t include any chairs at all! Maybe instead, you would prefer a few bean bags or lounge pillows to give you a complete change of pace. These are great for readers who like to rest on their side or stomach while digging into a new book.



Perfect the lighting situation.



Even if your reading spot is positioned next to a sunny window, you want to be sure you have adequate light regardless of the time of day or weather conditions. We recommend offering yourself a few different lighting levels to accommodate your mood. You could choose a lamp which offers several light settings, or include a few different lighting elements all together. String some hanging or fairy lights around your nook, set up a standing lamp, and keep a few candles on hand as well.



Then add in the storage and writing surfaces you need.



If you like to take notes while you read, or you want to use your reading nook for journaling, you may want to find a side table which wraps over the side of your chair so you’ll have a handy writing surface. You may also want to position a book shelf within easy reach of your seating, or at least a side table which contains a few shelves or a magazine rack to hold your current reading picks. If you’re tight on space, you can even install some built in shelves in the wall next to your chair!



Pick out some accessories which will help you really settle in.



Even though it rarely gets very cold in the Bay Area, is a reading nook really complete without a snuggly throw blanket or two? We also highly recommend choosing a couple throw pillows of various levels of firmness so you can add extra lumbar support or cushiness as needed. Also, be sure you pick out at least one pouf to use as a foot rest or extra side table. Another nice touch could be including a small tray where you can set a cup of herbal tea and some snacks.



You may want to finish up with some greenery or other house plants. Plants and other natural elements have been scientifically proven to reduce stress and lift our mood. If you don’t have a green thumb, some of the easiest house plants to care for include African violets (which, as a bonus, flower multiple times each year!), peperomia, and spider plants.



Get more help from our decor experts!



Our team would love to help you create your perfect cozy reading nook if you still need some more guidance. Come see some of our designs in person at our San Francisco, Redwood City, or San Rafael show rooms, or contact us online with your specific furniture and home design questions.