Inspiration for decorating a teenage boy's bedroom

It can be challenging to try and offer decor suggestions for your teenager, especially if it’s been a while since you were a teen yourself! Here are some ideas to help make sure you don’t go wrong:

Use wall decals to accommodate changing tastes.

There’s a stereotype that girls always change their minds, but in reality, we all change as we grow up and explore the world! As your son’s favorite colors, patterns, and interests shift over time, temporary wall decals offer a great way to refresh his room without having to invest a ton of money on redecorating every few months.

For bigger pieces, choose neutral colors.

If your son has been going through lots of “phases” lately, pick staple furniture pieces with neutral colors. This way, his bed, sofa, and walls will serve as a universal backdrop for any type of smaller decor pieces he chooses later. Here are some examples:

Use a few large pieces to decorate the walls.

Your son may not want to spend a lot of time picking out the perfect photos, art, mirrors, and other items to create a gallery wall in their room. If this is the case for your teen, consider selecting just a few concert posters, giant wall stickers or other large pieces to decorate their walls.

Let his interests dictate the design.

Whether your son is a huge sports fan, loves discovering new music, or spends a ton of time at the movies, you can find interior design inspiration in his favorite hobbies. Here are a few ideas for turning your teen boy’s interests into decor:

  • If he collects vinyl records, create a faux headboard by hanging his favorite record sleeves behind his bed.
  • If he’s a skateboarder, hang the skateboards on the wall to double as art pieces when he isn’t using them.
  • Find some of his favorite movie posters on a website like eBay or Facebook Marketplace to frame.

If he has any collections, display them creatively.

Instead of letting your son’s collections create clutter around his bedroom, find a creative way to display them as art pieces. Here are some example ideas:

  • Hang a collection of snapback hats on a big pegboard on the wall.
  • Use floating shelves to display his latest trophies.
  • Frame his favorite jerseys to turn them into wall art.
  • Cover a wall with a huge world map to document his travel adventures.

In a small bedroom, create more room with a lofted bed.

If you lift your son’s bed off the floor, you suddenly gain a ton of extra floor space. Create a homework station under the bed, add storage with some custom shelving, or let him get creative about how he wants to take advantage of the added square footage.

Hang a curtain to divide the space.

Maybe your son wants to hide his messy, unmade bed when his friends come over. Maybe he needs something to help hide distractions while he works on homework at his desk. Maybe he just wants some privacy from the sibling who shares his room. Whatever the reason, hanging a curtain can help break up the bedroom’s space and offer more functionality.

Set up a gnarly gaming station.

While some teens are content to sit around and talk when they hang out, your son may love to bond with his friends through some competitive video game action. Set up a gaming spot they’ll never want to leave with a flat screen TV, some cushy bean bags, and a small shelf or cabinet which can hold the game console controllers. If your son and his friends will be snacking in his room, be sure to cover the floor with a low-pile rug which is easy to vacuum.

Design a unique sofa that’s different from anything his friends own.

Give your son something to brag about! Design a custom sofa which fits his bedroom, no matter the size, and that matches his tastes. Here are some suggestions to get started:

Our designers would love to chat about your son’s dream sofa! We also invite you to stop by one of our three convenient Bay Area show rooms to get more bedroom design inspiration in person.