Inspiration & Ideas: 7 ways to use patterns in your home decor

Do you ever scroll through Pinterest, flip through Better Homes & Garden, or binge watch HGTV and think, “I wish I could use patterns in my home like that”? Patterned wall paper, rugs, and accessories add personality to home decor in a way nothing else can. Here are seven of our favorite ways to use patterns in your interior design to spice up your living space:

#1: Find a colorful piece you love, and surround it with patterns drawing from the same color scheme.

If you have a favorite painting on your mantle in the living room, or even another piece of furniture you love which is full of color, use that piece to inspire the rest of your room. For example, let’s say you’ve fallen in love with this colorful Michelle Accent Chair for the front room of your home. As you design the rest of your sitting room, the aqua, sea foam green, cream, and forest green hues will drive your other design choices. You could pair the Michelle Chair with:

#2: Choose a few patterns you love, and then vary the color and sizes of those patterns throughout the room.

Are you drawn to any specific types of patterns, such as concentric circles or a particular floral print? Find objects which all include the same patterns, but with different hues and in different sizes. For example, if you like diagonal lines and stripes, you could include these items in the same room:

#3: Use patterns to add visual interest to monochromatic color schemes.

When you think about patterns, your mind may automatically picture bright colored textiles. However, some designers gravitate toward black, white, and grey swatches. Liven up your monochromatic room with patterned items like:

#4: Choose patterns which all originate from the same culture or geographic region.

You don’t have to follow traditional decor rules! Most interior design blogs will recommend choosing one dominant and two accent colors for each room in your home. If you don’t want to be constrained by just three colors, create your own sense of cohesion by choosing multicolored patterns which are all inspired by the same culture. For example, if you love Eastern designs with floral symbols, you could include:

#5: Use a neutral color to serve as a blank canvas for a plethora of colorful patterns.

Another way to get around limits of how many colors you can contain in one room is by only choosing colorful patterns for accent items in the room. Choose a neutral color, such as white, for your walls, rug, and big furniture pieces like your Reagan Sofa. Then go crazy with as many patterns and colors as you like in your poufs, throw pillows, and wall art. Here are some rainbow accent pieces to inspire you:

#6: Use lots of patterns with the same color shade.

You could also go the opposite direction and stick with one color for all your patterns! For example, if you love steel blue, you could incorporate:

#7: Allow textures, rather than prints, to create patterns.

Patterns aren’t the same as prints. Think about how different textures and materials can create interesting patterns for your interior design. For example, none of these couches have prints on their cushions, but they definitely look patterned:

Don’t forget to customize.

The great thing about working with Sofa Creations is you never have to reign in your style preferences just because you want to coordinate your sofa or sectional with your favorite patterned pieces. With us, you can customize the fabric, color, dimensions, and style of your couch and sectional so they fit perfectly into the rest of your interior design plan. For help designing your dream seating, contact us now or stop by one of our three convenient Bay Area show rooms for inspiration to get started.