Inspiration: Ideas for decorating a shared kids’ bedroom

When two or more kids are sharing a bedroom, you may feel overwhelmed by all the questions that come up… How do I represent their individual personalities into shared decor? How can we fit two beds in the room without making it feel tight? Here are some ideas to spark inspiration!

Decorating a bedroom for kids of different ages

Choose colors, patterns, and styles which can be appropriate for kids of all ages. Your toddler may want a bed shaped like a race car, but his older sister may prefer a pink princess bed. Unfortunately, these two items won’t allow for a very cohesive design theme. Instead, compromise with a bright color palette, striped bedspreads, and classic bed frames. The side benefit of choosing timeless pieces is that they will age well as your children get older!

Decorating a shared bedroom for kids with opposite personalities

If your children have trouble agreeing on a common theme or pattern for their bedroom, start with an easy decision: the color palette. What two or three colors do they both like? Once the options are narrowed down to a few agreed upon colors, it’s easier to choose furniture and accessories.

Decorating a small kids’ bedroom

There are lots of ways to make a shared children’s bedroom feel bigger! Here are a few ideas:

  • Use two or more lofted beds to create more floor space. Each child can have a homework desk, reading nook, or play area under their bed.
  • Instead of using night stands, place dresser drawers or a short bookcase to play double duty between the two beds. A dresser or bookcase will offer more storage space than regular nightstands, and offer a sort of divider to give children the impression they each have their own separate space.
  • Color the walls, floors, and key furniture pieces in white to brighten and visually expand the room. Then let the kids add pops of color with bright pillows, poufs, and other accessories.
  • Make the best use of your space by choosing decor which also has a practical use. For example, your tween’s guitars would look great hanging on the wall, and a full length mirror with a colorful frame will help your kids get ready for school in the morning.

Decorating a bedroom for kids who love to have friends over

If your children are socialites in the making, set up their bedroom with entertaining in mind! If your kids love to have sleepovers, you may want to invest in trundle beds, which include a hollowed out space underneath to store another mattress. Also think about other activities they may enjoy in their room, such as a portable karaoke machine, video game station, or crafting corner.

Customize seating for your children’s shared bedroom

Sofa Creations can help you design a customized couch for your kids’ bedroom with the exact dimensions, style, and colors you prefer. Some of our favorite styles for children’s rooms include the Chandler Sofa, the Clyde Sofa, and the Pauline Sofa… But don’t feel limited by these designs! Let us know exactly what you’re looking for in a sofa for your children’s shared bedroom, and we’ll provide you with a custom quote.

Our other favorite items for children’s bedrooms

Here are some of our most kid-friendly decor options:

  • Sal Woven Chair — This modern accent chair is perfect for kids of all ages and genders!
  • Marsanne Bean Bag — These bean bags make a cozy addition to a gaming area or reading nook.
  • Flower Wall Mirror — This mirror is the perfect example of a practical item that doubles as decor.
  • Denali Cube Pouf — Your kids will love this furry pouf, and the cubic pattern can coordinate with almost any decor scheme.
  • Shibori Marine Rug — We love the watery blues in this fun patterned rug.

Browse our full furniture and decor collection on our website at mysofacreation.com!