Interior design trends across America

Every year, Google reveals the most popular search terms in different categories across different regions of the country, and we were fascinated to find out the most popular interior design trends by state! Here were some of our top takeaways from the most recent 2018 search list:

Southeastern states are in love with the Farmhouse design trend.

States like Tennessee, Louisiana, and the Carolinas searched for farmhouse inspirations most often while looking for interior design ideas. When decorated with this design style, homes generally feature exposed wood beams, furniture made of reclaimed wood, and overstuffed couches that scream Southern hospitality. You'll also find lots of shabby chic, distressed wood objects painted white, a nod or two to the traditional checkered tablecloth look, and neutral-yet-warm colors.

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The East Coast is, unsurprisingly, caught up in the Coastal style.

In California, we often think of the Coastal design style in terms of wicker furniture and seashells, but there are actually several versions of the Coastal style you can incorporate into your home. Homes in New Jersey, Delaware, and Virginia generally subscribe to the American Coastal style. This interpretation still uses lots of white and blue hues, but includes more reflective surfaces than Californian beach houses, and more nautical elements than beachy items.

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The Southwestern states prefer Modern Southwest decor.

It probably won't surprise you to learn that states like New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah lean into the Southwest interior design style! This design incorporates a mixture of modern geometric designs with Native American and cowboy culture influences. Southwestern design lovers include warm colors, lots of wood furniture, and bright geometric patterns in their homes. You'll probably also find rustic furniture, accessories depicting ranch animals, and plenty of pottery in these homes.

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The Midwesterners are feeling Bohemian.

States like Idaho, Montana, and the Dakotas searched most frequently for Bohemian designs. This style is characterized by loud colors, an eclectic blend of other trends, and botanical accents like hanging plants and vertical gardens. Bohemian pieces are generally covered in colorful patterns, layered accessories like throw pillows and poufs, and maximalism—basically the opposite of minimalism, but not in a cluttered sort of way.

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And last but not least, the West Coast is obsessed with sleek Scandinavian design.

Washington, Oregon, and our home state of California love the modern, minimalist Scandinavian design style! We like our sharp edges, solid colored furniture, and lots of natural-looking light, even in rooms without big windows. We choose colors inspired by nature, such as greens, browns, and blues. We also appreciate multifunctional furniture and art which serves a purpose, such as oversized calendars and clocks.

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Do you fit into one of these boxes?

Regardless of whether you identify with one of these standard design styles, we believe your house or apartment should truly feel like your dream home every time you walk through the door. That’s why Sofa Creations offers create-your-own sofa and sectional options customized to your exact specifications, down to the last inch. Get started browsing our most popular designs online, or contact us to start designing a custom piece!