New Year's resolutions for your home's interior design

We’re very fortunate to work with some of the best interior designers in the Bay Area, as well as regular homeowners and condo dwellers who just have a passion for home decor! But if you feel like your home could use a refresh in 2019, here are some New Year’s resolutions to take into your interior design:

Make your room feel more spacious with added height.

With rising home prices across the Bay Area, many residents have opted for smaller homes… But this doesn't mean your home needs to feel tight or stunted! When you use lots of vertical lines and patterns which seem to stretch upwards, your whole room will feel taller. You’ll feel like your ceilings are higher and your home is more light and airy.

Check out our Anchor Bay Striped Pouf and Bit Contemporary Pouf for examples of vertical patterns. If you don’t like to use lots of patterned furniture, you can still find vertical lines in the shape of a furniture piece, such as the back of our Channelback Sofa.

Avoid disruptions in your bathroom design.

You can also make your bathroom feel larger with some visual design tricks. When you have a walk in shower, avoid using frosted glass for the door and wall. Even though you may feel like the frosted glass adds another level of privacy, it divides the space. You can also create more continuity by using the same floor tiles inside the shower as you do outside.

Use your kitchen backsplash as a statement piece.

Other rooms of your home may have a focal point, such as a claw foot bathtub in your bathroom or an accent wall in your bedroom. Why not include a similar point of impact in your kitchen? Instead of only including a tiled backsplash near your countertops or behind your sink, bring the tiled look all the way up to your ceiling to fill up the wall. You can achieve the same stunning effect as wallpaper—except with a material which is easier to clean.

Add layers of texture throughout each room.

The minimalism trend is still holding strong in California homes, but there's a right way and a wrong way to declutter your look. In rooms lacking a bunch of decor pieces, or in those with a neutral color scheme, be sure to add visual interest with different textures. Use a variety of upholstery materials, choose throw pillows covered in a different material than your sofa, and find a rug with a unique pattern not found on any other furniture pieces in the room. When in doubt, use an abstract textile, such as the one on our Venice Ivory Blue Rug.

Put your most meaningful belongings on display.

You can watch as many interior design reality shows as you want for inspiration, but the thing that really makes your home stand out is YOU! Your prized possessions, family heirlooms, and personal mementos will contribute to the interior design you’ll love most. Show off your signed football from your alma mater on a living room shelf. Use your grandmother’s antique flower vase in the center of your dining table instead of hiding it among the other things in your china cabinet. Find a shadowbox to showcase your wedding bouquet instead of storing it in the attic.

Add some variety to your seating options.

We're past the days of matchy-matchy living room sets and identical dining room chairs! Try out chairs of different shapes, colors, and patterns in your seating areas. For example, your living room could be furnished with a regal Chesterfield Arm Sofa next to a modern Fjords Senator C Recliner, with a European style Capucine Accent Chair in the corner. In the dining room, consider replacing two or three of your matching wooden chairs with a cozier Hemsworth Ottoman Bench.

Customize your space with a unique sofa.

Why settle for standard when it comes to the centerpiece of your living room, den, and other entertainment spaces? With Sofa Creations, you can choose from dozens of sofa styles and  hundreds of fabrics to customize a sofa to your exact needs. And if you have your own unique vision in mind, we can work with you to craft a whole new shape and style. Contact us now to get started with your design, or browse some of our most popular designs on our website now.