Our Top 10 Most Daring Sofa Designs

Whenever we have someone call us or visit one of our showrooms to talk about designing a custom sofa, we always love seeing their creativity and personality influence their interior design. After all, if you were looking for a standard, nondescript couch, you wouldn’t be here! But everyone needs a starting point to start designing their custom sofa, so we wanted to count down the biggest and boldest designs we’ve created for our clients recently. Hopefully you’ll find some inspiration:

#10: Van Ness Sofa

We’re starting off strong with a seat influenced by the minimalism of the modern Scandinavian style and the warmth of midcentury design. Small space dwellers love the Van Ness Sofa because it’s welcoming and comfortable without visually taking over your seating area. The single seat cushion and lack of bulky armrests adds to its minimalist appeal.

#9: Chesterfield Sofa

And now for something completely different! The Chesterfield Sofa is definitely a statement piece, complete with flashy nailhead trim and deep tufts across the surface. This couch anchors a room with its strong presence, but is also extremely soft, inviting, and nap-worthy.

#8: Castro Sofa

The Castro Sofa incorporates the straight lines of modern design with the quirky character of a vintage couch you might find in your eclectic aunt’s living room. This is the sort of couch you can “dress up” with a sleek fabric or literally “dress down” by selecting ultra-plush cushions filled with down.

#7: Guerro Sofa

This playful design is hard to characterize because its extremely versatile, yet also extremely unique. Your Guerro Sofa can serve as a fun accent couch in a large seating area, or work as the focal point in your apartment’s living room. Everything about this sofa is curvy, from its polished wooden base to its sturdy rounded cushions.

#6: Wooden Hayes Sofa

Our Wooden Hayes Sofa is such a gorgeous piece of art, we had to give it a wooden frame. By customizing the fabric to your favorite material and color, you can design a classy sofa for an elegant home or play up its unconventional vibe with a loud, bright hue.

#5: Ryan Sofa

Doesn’t this adorable design just make you want to curl up and read a great novel? The Ryan Sofa’s dainty tufted cushions and petal-shaped armrests add a whimsical touch to your home or office. Just add a furry throw blanket and a steaming cup of tea, and you’re set for a cozy afternoon of reading.

#4: Retro Sofa

The Retro Sofa is perfect for anyone feeling nostalgic for the good ole days. Its subtle curves almost make your couch seem like its giving you a little grin every time you enter the room, but its triangular wooden legs keep it grounded.

#3: Lux Sofa

Your search for the perfect statement piece is over! It’s impossible for any house guest to ignore the deep cushions, bold frame, and shiny base of the Lux Sofa. And once you sink down into your new couch, you won't want to get up… In fact, its round side cushions make the perfect pillows to settle in for a nice nap.

#2: Westchester Sofa

Our unique Westchester Sofa is great for friendly conversation, lazy lounging in front of the TV, and snuggling up with your dog. You won’t even need extra throw pillows with those cushiony angled arms!

#1: Tiburon Sofa

Last but not least, the tufted Tiburon Sofa! Like all of our custom sofa options, you can choose between dozens of colors for this couch which is guaranteed to become the cornerstone of your living room or den. The Tiburon Sofa design is a mix between our Chesterfield Sofa (#9 on this list) and the pouffiest cloud you’ve ever seen.

Now it’s time to design your ideal sofa.

Whether you want to perfect one of these designs with your ideal fabric, browse through all of our custom sofa styles, or request a completely unique design, we’re here to help you get started. Stop by one of our three convenient Bay Area locations in San Francisco, Redwood City, or San Rafael to chat with one of us in person, or give us a call at 800-590-4518 for more information.