Socially responsible interior design

In the age that you’re able to buy clothing, food, and other everyday items from sustainable and responsible companies, why shouldn’t you also be able to design your home in a socially responsible way? Sofa Creations is dedicated to supporting the local economy, sustainable business practices, and workers’ rights. Check out some ways you can support the same causes with your interior design.

Fair trade home accessories

Companies committed to fair trade ensure that their goods are created with safe, sustainable practices that support the communities where the products are made. Fair Trade Decor is one home accessories store based right here in California, selling home goods sourced from around the world. Here are some of our favorite picks from their store:

We also love California-based The Little Market, another fair trade accessories store. Some of our favorite items from their shop include:

Sofas and sectionals that strengthen our community

When you purchase a customized sofa or sectional from Sofa Creations, you’re supporting a local Bay Area designer who customizes the seating with your preferred style, colors, and dimensions. Then your couch or sectional is handmade by our local production team, which not only benefits their families and our economy, but also lets you receive your finished seating in just two to four weeks after the order is placed. Start browsing our most popular furniture styles online, or contact us for more information.

Avoid harmful products

Certain home products contain materials which could be harmful to your health, your pets, or the environment. Here are some things to look out for:

  • VOC — Volatile organic compounds sound like they would be good (isn’t “organic” a good thing?) but they actually are known for causing health issues that range from eye and throat irritation to liver damage and cancer. VOC content can be found in paints, adhesives, and certain furniture and carpets.
  • Pressed wood — Furniture made from pressed wood, such as inexpensive bookshelves, often contain formaldehyde, which is an allergen for humans and carcinogenic to pets.
  • Vinyl flooring — This popular flooring material is made of many toxic materials which can pollute your air. Vinyl floors are especially concerning in homes with young children, as their bodies are more susceptible to ingesting contaminants from this material.

Reduce waste when redesigning

We love redecorating as much as the next person, but a key element of sustainable interior design is reducing waste. When you’re ready to get rid of old furniture and home goods, don’t just drop them off at a local trash site. Support a cause you care about by donating furniture to a worthy Bay Area nonprofit organization. If you have broken or damaged furniture which cannot be reused by another family, contact the East Bay Depot for Creative Reuse. This organization supports “upcycling” efforts, turning old materials into art.