Three Summer Interior Design Trends in the Bay Area

As one of the Bay Area’s most respected furniture manufacturers, we have the pleasure of working with the top interior designers in the region… Which means we always get to hear about the latest interior design trends that are making their way to San Francisco, San Jose, and beyond! We wanted to share our three favorite trends we’ve heard about this summer season.



The classic beach-side manor



Even though the beach house theme is nothing novel, we just don’t see anything wrong with embracing all the benefits of living by the bay. You live here for a reason, right? Why not show it off?



To achieve this look, interior designers start off by choosing a color palette full of bright whites, pastel blues, and sea greens. These colors open up a space, brighten a room, and mimic the breezy feel of a sunny day by the ocean. Even if you’re decorating a room which doesn’t have many windows or natural light, you can get a similar effect by using white LED lightbulbs under translucent, light-colored shades.



When picking furniture pieces, beach lovers tend to gravitate toward weathered wood and wicker, which are always found in traditional beach houses. However, some home owners have started to shy away from wicker, feeling like the material is a little old-fashioned. We recommend including some accessories, like this Bermuda contemporary sphere pouf, which look like wicker without forcing you to fully commit to tons of wicker furniture.



Your furniture’s material isn’t the only thing that matters—make sure you choose furniture which keeps your room feeling open. For example, instead of choosing a sectional that sits directly on the floor, try something like our Easton design, which allows light to pass underneath and around its wooden legs.



The calming, pattern-free zone



While many people are still in love with the bohemian look of mixed patterns and bright colors, we’re starting to see more and more clients opt for simpler designs. Instead of including rugs, throw pillows, blankets, wallpaper, and other elements that all have different patterns, some designers are being intentional about using only one patterned piece in each room. For example, if the rug has a diamond pattern, everything else will be made up of solid colors with an underlying texture, or feature a non-repeating print.



If you want to achieve this look, you’ll have to add visual interest to your design in other ways. Find interesting shapes to include in your room, like this Channelback sofa with ridges. Incorporate a range of colors that coordinate without matching, like this Chaz cube pouf next to our Hollande mid-century chair. And be sure each room has one or two eye-catching conversation pieces, such as interesting sculptures, dramatic flower arrangements, and striking wall art.



The multi-textured haven



As we mentioned before, patterns are starting to take a backseat to other design elements. One of the trends we’ve loved is a growing reliance on different textures to add visual interest to a room, rather than layers upon layers of patterns. Designers are using tasseled throw pillows on top of solid-colored sofas, etched vases to dress up standard book shelves, and lamp shades with fabric borders to add visual interest to floor lamps.



Some design elements simply can’t be textured—for example, you wouldn’t want a wooden chair to be textured because it would leave wood flakes and dust on the ground when you clean it or even give you splinters as you try to relax. However, you can still create the illusion of texture by finding unpainted wooden pieces that show off the natural wood grain. For example, our Lux sofa has large wooden side panels that highlight the natural texture in the wood.



The beauty of this design scheme really comes out when you include several materials in one room. If your sectional is covered in a ‘flat’ fabric like a polyester blend, consider adding a shaggy accent chair to your seating area. If your home office is full of modern, edgy furniture, mix it up with some softer accessories like this knotted cube pouf. Don’t be afraid to include different metals in the same room. And think outside the box when choosing your wall art—instead of sticking with standard canvases, consider including some three dimensional shadow boxes or mounting a quilt that holds special meaning to you.



Personalize your interior design



Whether you decide to decorate using one of these themes or something completely off the wall, you can personalize your design with custom furniture from Sofa Creations. We offer some basic sectional and sofa designs with dozens of color and fabric options. But we can also create something entirely new based on your vision! Start browsing our selection online, or come chat with one of our design specialists in person at one of our three Bay Area showrooms.