Top 6 Bay Area-based Instagram influencers we love to follow

How often do you scroll through your Instagram and end up purchasing the health, beauty, and clothing products your favorite influencers are using? If you’re anything like us, it probably happens pretty often! We rounded up our top six favorite local Instagrammers who inspire our interior design picks:

  1. Victoria Smith (@sfgirlbybay)

San Francisco-based blogger Victoria Smith runs the SF Girl by Bay blog and owns Super Marché, a vintage home design store which sells home accessories like quirky bar carts, patterned throw blankets, and beautiful portrait paintings. We’re suckers for unique vintage finds, so we love seeing the items she puts in her own home.

Check out some of the latest items she’s added to her space:

  1. Jennifer Henry-Novich’s rental home (@thetahoeaframe)

Yeah, you read that right… One of our favorite Instagram influencers is actually a house! This vacation rental home was designed by influencer Jennifer Henry-Novich (@jenniferhenrynovich) and we loved following along with its renovation progress. All the photos are still up to see on Instagram.

Here are some of our faves:

  1. Aleksandra Zee (@aleksandrazee)

Aleksandra is truly an artist! Based in Oakland, California, Aleksandra loves posting photos of her custom woodwork pieces which she keeps in her own home. She also posts pics from her travels around the country, the DIY projects she works on with her partner, and furniture pieces she purchases from other great stores we love.

Here are some of our favorite recent photos from her home:

  1. Alicia Lund (@aliciamlund)

Alicia runs a blog called “Cheetah is the New Black,” dishing out style, travel, and lifestyle advice from her home in Sacramento. Her feed is full of adorable photos of her children, lounge-worthy clothes, and plenty of beach pics… Plus, we often get glimpses into her home where we see a healthy mix of traditional farmhouse style blended with modern, minimalist elements.

Some of our favorite picks in her home include:

  1. Tiffany Wang (@tiffwang_)

We’re obsessed with Tiffany’s snapshots from around the city of San Francisco. We love checking out her favorite spots around town, and often take her advice when choosing new restaurants to try out. She enjoys talking about clothing and lifestyle topics more often than her interior design, but you can frequently peek around her house in the background when she shows off her #OOTD (outfit of the day).

Check out these interior shots of her drool-worthy home:

  1. Calvin & Sam (@calvin.thecanine)

Calvin and Sam may be dogs, but they’re also influencers through and through! With over 56,000 followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say these San Francisco pups have stolen the Bay Area’s collective heart. And even though they probably didn’t have a lot of say in their home’s decor, it’s clear their human has some serious interior design game.

Some of our favorite pieces in Cal & Sam’s pad include:

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