Top 8 ways to design a Pinterest worthy bedroom

Who doesn’t love some Pinterest interior design ideas, right? We’ve done the hard work for you, browsed through the deep chasm of Pinterest bedroom pics, and compiled this list of the top 8 ways to make your bedroom Pinterest worthy:

  1. Get a killer bed.

This may seem obvious, but we always start with the most important piece of furniture in the room! And keep in mind, your bedroom is your safe haven and cocoon at the end of a long day… Why wouldn’t you prioritize getting the bed of your dreams? Check out some of our favorites:

You can browse a much larger selection of beds on our website.

  1. Then deck out the foot of your bed.

Don’t leave the space in front of your bed empty! Every amazing bedroom photo on Pinterest has something at the end, like a bench or pair of poufs to complete the look. Plus, these items serve a practical purpose so you have somewhere to sit while you put on your shoes or read a book before you crawl into bed.

Some of our favorite end-of-bed benches include:

We also love these poufs:

  1. Include different options for lighting.

Many people like to have multiple lighting levels in their bedroom to accommodate the time of day and activities. For example, most people get better sleep and wake up more easily when natural sunlight is able to enter the room. However, natural light may not be sufficient in the evenings when you’re trying to read, and you may like some additional mood lighting options too.

We love Pinterest bedrooms which offer different lighting levels such as:

  • Sheer curtains to allow for natural light
  • Table lamps for the bedside tables
  • Floor lamps to lighten dark corners
  • Overhead lights with warm-toned bulbs
  1. We’re also a huge fan of adding a small seating area.

Even if you aren’t sleepy, you may like to escape to your bedroom for some well deserved quiet time, TV bingeing, or pleasant conversation with your partner. Depending on your available space, your seating area could include:

  1. Incorporate plenty of texture into your decor options.

Have you noticed Pinterest bedroom photos never look bland or one dimensional? The most welcoming and inspiring bedrooms have different textures incorporated throughout the design—literally, or even just visually. For example, you may have a flat, smooth linen duvet, but it can look visually textured with a patterned design.

Here are just a few ways to add texture to your bedroom:

  • Frame photos and art prints with carved wooden frames.
  • Layer throw pillows of different fabrics on your bed and chairs.
  • Use a textured pouf (such as this Bazaar Cube Pouf) as a foot rest in front of your accent chair.
  1. Don't forget you’ll want to check yourself out.

Our favorite Pinterest photos include a mirror to add a little glam and personality to your bedroom. Mirrors also serve a practical purpose—how else will you make sure your hair looks great, apply your makeup, or straighten your tie in the morning?

Think about the best place to put your mirror as you go through your morning routine. Would it work best by the door as you make the final touches to your daily look? Maybe it would work best next to your closet? You may even like to set up a homemade vanity with a little desk and wall mirror above it.

Check out some of our mirror picks:

  1. Add elements that come from your "happy place.”

Think about your dream vacation, whether it's a fantasy or it's already happened. Where is this dreamland located? How could you bring elements from this world into your bedroom? Take inspiration from these examples:

  • If you can’t stop reliving your travels to South America, you may like wood figures crafted by local Santa Fe artist Alexander Girard.
  • If you dream of living under the sea, you may like art from local Bay Area artists like this spinning Sea Life Globe or this trinket holder Octopus Box.
  • If you’d love a slice of the rustic farm life, you may like some cozy blankets from San Francisco’s Anthem.
  1. Tie everything together with a rug.

The right rug choice can create a sense of cohesion and balance in your bedroom. Once all the other components are put together, think about what’s missing. Do you need a splash of color, or something more neutral and grounding? Do you need a geometric pattern to tie the design together, or would something abstract add some much-needed softness? Whatever you need, we offer a wide selection of rugs in all different styles to round out your bedroom look.

Get more help!

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