Top Colors for Homes in the Bay Area This Summer

Summer is the most popular time of year for home renovation projects because there are plenty of holiday weekends to take advantage of, and the weather is perfect for leaving doors and windows open to air out your new paint smell. Here at Sofa Creations, we work closely with Bay Area interior designers who are looking to design custom furniture for their clients, so we love to get their firsthand accounts on the latest home design trends. When we asked our interior design colleagues about the most popular colors they have been seeing in homes this season, here’s what they told us:



Big, Bold Colors



Fiery Yellow: One of the most popular color choices this summer is yellow… As in, Sunshine State yellow! Designers will paint a statement wall in a goldenrod hue, with the other walls of a room painted in a very light grey or white. If just one wall isn’t enough, they may choose a modern wallpaper print which uses yellow as the primary shade with white or green details. When furnishing these rooms, many people decide to use light turquoise (like this Barker Contour Accent Chair & Ottoman) or grassy green pieces (like this Chainlink Contemporary Cylinder Pouf).



Bluish Green: Designers are also using tons of bluish green shades for their interior walls this season. Aquamarine, teal, cyan, cerulean…you name it, they’re painting with it! When shopping for furniture for bluish green rooms, our clients tend to go in one of two directions. They may choose lighter earth tones to balance out the blue with pieces like this Carson Sectional. Otherwise, they’ll stick with the bright colors! Many people love incorporating various shades of purple with furniture like this Kingsmen Sofa.



Deep Red: A few years ago, we would have sworn no one would want to go home after work to relax in a room the color of a fire engine, but we would have been wrong! Designers have been using powerful shades of red for accent walls and furniture lately, and we have completely bought into the hype. Our clients are loving pieces like the Annette Metropolitan Accent Chair, the San Francisco Recliner, and the Anchor Bay Striped Pouf.



More Minimalist Colors



Rosy Blush: The rose trend has stretched beyond gold jewelry—it’s coloring our homes now too! Faint pink tones reflect natural sunlight throughout a space, creating the illusion of more room. Clients who like these blush colors appreciate furniture like our MD Sectional, and those who like a little purple tent go with the London Sectional.



Pastel Green: San Francisco, San Jose, and the other big cities of the Bay Area leave people craving plants and natural colors. Just as we’re seeing a rising trend of greenery and indoor herb gardens in the region, we’re also seeing homeowners start to paint their rooms in light shades of pastel greens. They accompany these colors with furniture pieces which show off natural wood tones, like this Fabric Wing Chair and our Peggy Sofa.



Sky Blue: In another nod to nature, interior designers are opting for blues that mimic the color of the California sky on a sunny day. This shade offers a little more visual interest than a typical white wall, without being flashy or offensive. When shopping for furniture, clients who want a light blue gravitate toward items like our Carnegie Accent Chair and Cecily Cube Pouf.



Create Your Vision



One of the benefits of working with Sofa Creations is we offer hundreds of choices to help you craft the perfect furniture for your home, no matter what color and style you’re looking for. You can get started with one of our signature designs, or work with us to bring your unique vision to life. Once you choose the shape of your sofa or sectional, you can choose from dozens of fabrics and color swatches. Visit to start designing!