Trend Watch: Get your vacation home ready for summer

The Bay Area is a hugely popular region for vacation homes, and it’s no wonder why! Local residents and travelers alike love to paddle under the Golden Gate Bridge, watch the sunset over Berkeley Bay, and lounge around Palo Alto. Whether you’re decorating a vacation home where you plan to visit for the next few months or you want to update your space before you rent it out to summer travelers, we have some trends to inspire you for the season.

The Modern Manse

A rustic beach shack isn’t for everyone! Many vacationers want to wake up in a sleek, modern home before getting out into the Great Outdoors. And after they spend a long day in the steamy sunshine, they want to cool off in cool, stylish space. If you want to go with the Modern Manse look, decorate with cool colors like grays, blues, and purples. Opt for silver metal finishes, abstract art pieces, and state of the art smart home features.

Here are some of our favorite items to complete the look:

The Charming Cabin

Some people just can’t relax in a minimalistic modern space. For those who need warmth but also want a break from the traditional beachy themed homes, try out the Charming Cabin look. Blend wooden furniture with cozy fabrics. Choose blue and green colors inspired by lakes and trees, and don’t forget to incorporate lots of living plants!

Here are some of our most charming cabin pieces:

  • Barker Chair & Ottoman — Perfect for kicking up your feet to read a good book.
  • Austin Sofa — Plush cushions on wooden legs, allowing sunlight to shine underneath.
  • Zola Rug — Peaceful shades of blue and grey reminiscent of the sea.

The Cultured Condo

If you’re torn between traveling to foreign lands and staying close to the comforts of home, why feel pressured to choose between the two experiences? Many beachside vacation homes are decorated with a cultural flair so dwellers can feel like they’re waking up in a condo inspired by Latin American, Asian, African, or another influence.

Find inspiration from some of our favorite worldly items:

The Oceanview Abode

If your vacation home is situated right by the water, you may want to let the sea do all the talking. Why try to compete with the most relaxing view on earth? Choose a neutral palette with white, gray, black, or tan as your base color and keep your pops of color to a minimum. Hide your television inside a cabinet when it’s not in use, and let the ocean outside be the focal point.

Here are some pieces that won't distract from the outside view:

  • Sirocco Rug — Patterned without drawing too much attention.
  • Audrey Poufs — Trimmed edges add just the right amount of interest.
  • Hayes Sectional — A low back allows an uninterrupted sightline out the windows.

Whatever your preferred style, customize your vacation home.

We love bringing you the newest interior design trends, but your vacation home should ultimately reflect your own personality and preferences! We want to work with you to design the perfect seating for your Bay Area beach house. Start by browsing our most popular sofa, sectional, and recliner styles online, or just stop by one of our three show rooms to see our designs in person. Then let us know how we can customize your dream couches, sectionals, and chairs with your favorite colors and dimension requirements.

If you need more help designing your vacation home, let us know!