What’s a Pouf and How Do I Use It?

If you’ve been surfing our web store lately, you may have noticed we have a lot of poufs. Like over 100 of them. But what is a pouf and why do you need one?

Well, first of all, you don’t just need one—you need several! Poufs are the new accent pillow… You can never have enough. We love poufs because they serve so many versatile purposes in your home. Here are eleven of our favorite creative ways to make the most out of your new pouf:

Eye Candy

If you have a room that’s really monochromatic, full of hard edges, or just simply not working for you, poufs are an easy, inexpensive way to add interest without having to completely remodel. Maybe you’re working with a living room that’s full of beiges and browns… We suggest using a heavily patterned, brightly colored pouf like this one. Or maybe you’ve made the mistake of going “too” modern, and all your furniture has sharp edges and matte finishes. In this case, we recommend a round, simple pouf that can add some softness without totally throwing off the balance of your room. Try this one on for size.

End Tables

Another way to add some comfortability to a room full of sharp angles is by using poufs in place of traditional end tables. Even if you use a flat-topped pouf like this one, the fact that it’s basically a sturdy, square cushion remains. If you need to add even more rigidity for something like a glass of water that could tip over and spill, just place a trendy tray on top of the pouf first.

Alternatives to a Coffee Table

Whether you’re a nonconformist who likes to buck the trends, or someone who just needs a little more flexibility in life, we know a coffee table might seem bulky and “in the way” in your living room. Instead, try pushing two or three big, sturdy poufs together to complete your space. Poufs are easier to move around when needed, look more visually interesting, and can be separated to serve as separate “tables” for multiple people. We especially like to see our clients who prefer a bohemian vibe use different shapes of poufs, like a square and cylindrical pouf, together in this way.

Foot-of-the-Bed Accessories

If you live in the Bay Area, we’re sure you’ve heard that the cost of housing (and even renting) is skyrocketing. Due to this trend, we’re seeing lots of residents have to downsize into smaller apartments and condos. A smaller home often means a smaller bedroom…which means less room for a traditional bench or storage trunk at the end of your bed. However, a pouf or two can serve the same purpose and still allow you some space to sit or keep a stack of magazines.

Ottoman Substitute

Sticking with the theme of smaller furniture, why not use a pouf instead of a normal ottoman? Poufs are smaller than classic ottomans, so your sitting areas can feel more airy and spacious. Even if your new pouf is the same size as a small ottoman you were using before, a circular or cylindrical pouf can feel smaller because of its shape.

Extra Cushion

Are you over the fad of covering your bed with tons of accent pillows? We’re with you. What are you supposed to do with them all when it’s time to sleep anyway? Instead, use some poufs as extra cushions. They easily convert to bedside tables when it’s bedtime, so they always serve some function.

Upscale Pet Beds

We all love our pets, but let’s face it—their furniture isn’t always the most visually appealing. (Like litter boxes? There is just no way to make those classy.) Fortunately, you can avoid taking up valuable space in your home with tacky pet beds when you purchase some stylish poufs! When buying poufs for your pet, we suggest picking one with a flat surface and a cozy material so they can really feel snuggled up during nap time. (Check this one out, for example.)

Kid-Friendly Seating

Do you remember being in college and seeing those tacky, shiny bean bags everywhere? There is just no reason to bring those into your home…but your children do deserve a comfy place to relax! Round, plush poufs like this one are a great upscale version of bean bags you can use in their bedrooms and play room. Additionally, poufs are easier for the younger kiddos to climb onto than a chair made for adults because they sit closer to the ground.

Outdoor Lounge Area

Although the plush poufs you have inside your house may not seem like they would work outdoors, there are plenty of cable-knit poufs and poufs covered in easy-to-clean cotton that are perfect for your patio, deck, or porch. Poufs can contribute to an eclectic, casual atmosphere, and they’re great for porches that don’t have the space for “normal” patio furniture.

Extra Seating

Maybe this comes with working in the custom sofa industry, but we love entertaining house guests. Unfortunately, it’s impractical to own more than a certain number of chairs if you want space to walk around. This is where poufs come in handy! We especially love filling a sitting area with poufs that have a range of firmness levels, so guests who love to sink into their seats can be just as comfortable as those who want a sturdier place to sit.

Foot Rests

Maybe you’re not really a recliner person, but you still want a place to prop up your feet. Keep your coffee table cleaner by using a pouf as a foot rest. Poufs come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and heights that we’re sure we can find you one to suit your new custom couch or sectional.

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