Why Your Brand-New House Still Needs Inspection

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Do you currently anticipate moving into and furnishing a new house? Whether you've purchased a home directly from a builder, or you've commissioned a custom home on your land, you may wish to consider asking a qualified property inspector to look at the new building and prepare a report detailing the condition of the property. Taking this step could assist your negotiations with any future mortgage services and lending institutions. Just consider these good reasons to obtain this important real estate service:

Document the Actual Condition of Your New Home

Every careful property inspection assists homeowners in learning about the physical state of the house and grounds. Recent construction should present few issues of concern, of course. Yet even brand new homes do sometimes sustain problems with important systems. By asking an experienced inspector to carefully evaluate your property and write a report, you'll help document the actual condition of your residence.

Catch Construction Mistakes or Omissions Early

One important benefit of seeking a new construction property inspection concerns catching builder mistakes or omissions as rapidly as possible. No one, even skilled home contractors, succeeds in avoiding mistakes all of the time. If your report details an unexpected problem with a new home system, a reputable contractor will likely correct the issue promptly for you. You'll avoid potential disagreements and lawsuits down the road, and possibly even prevent damage to your residence from the oversight.

Establish a Property Condition Baseline

Yet a third important reason exists to request this service. If you should ever sell the property in the future, your prospective buyers will likely require a property inspection. Obtaining a new construction report allows you to establish a baseline for the operation of important home systems. If extensive changes occur during the interim, you may gain valuable clues about the cause of any deterioration.

Retain Your Report

Once you've obtained a comprehensive report, you'll want to retain this document for future reference. If you ever decide to refinance your home it will demonstrate your interest in responsible property ownership to prospective mortgage lenders. Additionally, it may assist you in obtaining construction financing to complete any necessary home repairs or improvements. The report also serves as a useful benchmark for comparison with any subsequent inspections sought by lenders or buyers at a later date.