10 ideas to style an awkward corner in your room

Do you ever feel like certain corners of your home actually hinder you from fulfilling your interior design dreams? Or do you just have one specific corner that’s in a really awkward spot, and you’re not sure what to do with it? Here are ten corner design ideas from some of our interior design friends based here in the Bay Area:

  1. Make an empty corner feel like part of the interior design.

Often, awkward corners are only awkward because of their sharp edges. When you add a round table to the corner, you suddenly have a pedestal to display souvenirs from your last global adventure, decorations for your next cocktail party, or any number of other items you want to show off to visiting house guests.

  1. Soften a hard corner with plants.

Every home can always use more plants! In addition to adding visual interest to your interior design, plants have been proven to help reduce stress and purify your air.

  1. Add storage space into an awkward corner.

If you have a small corner in an inconvenient location, put it to work with some creative storage space! Here are just a few ways you can accomplish this goal:

  • Turn a vintage ladder into a blanket shelf with these DIY instructions from Apartment Therapy.
  • Hang some floating shelves to each adjacent wall, connecting at the corner.
  • Add custom built-ins to display a collection or store everyday essentials.
  • Place bulky seasonal items in the corner (such as a space heater or humidifier) and block them from view with a decorative screen.
  1. Convert a tight corner into a small workspace.

If you don’t work from home every day, you may not need a dedicated home office complete with a full size desk and filing cabinets. Instead, insert a small table with a comfy accent chair for an informal workspace.

  1. Turn a bedroom corner into a vanity.

Maybe you don’t need a new workspace, but you like the idea of adding a small table into your bedroom corner. A similar idea is to turn a little table into a vanity so you have a designated space to put on your makeup, do your hair, and choose accessories for your #ootd.

  1. Create a corner reading nook.

Fashion that awkward part of your room into a cozy reading nook which calls your name at the end of a long work day. We even wrote a blog a few months ago to help you design a great reading nook!

  1. Turn a kitchen corner into a breakfast nook.

As it turns out, we just love the word “nook!” If you’re unsure how to style a kitchen corner, try converting it into a breakfast nook with a round table and chairs. Round tables take up less space than those with square edges, so this is a great idea for apartment and condo dwellers who may lack a formal dining space.

  1. Find a furniture piece which almost completely fills the opening.

Some “corners” may not be corners at all, but rather a cut out or indention in the wall. If this is the case for your awkward corner, we recommend you find a beautiful chest, console, or other furniture piece which fits snugly in the space. Just be sure to leave a few inches of empty “cushion” space around the sides and top of the piece so the space doesn’t look overcrowded.

  1. Add light to a dark corner.

It’s always a good idea to incorporate several lighting options in a room so you can decide if you want a bright place to hang out, “mood lighting” for the evening, or another level in between. Use your corner to add another lighting option by either putting in a floor lamp, or by setting a table lamp on a decorative stand.

If the corner is in an especially dark room, you could also add a mirror to the wall behind the lamp to reflect more light through the space.

  1. Place a curved sectional in a large corner.

When you insert a curved sectional, your gaping corner suddenly becomes an intentional part of your interior design layout. Curved sectionals can also soften the look of the room.

The best part about our sectionals is they’re completely customizable. Once you choose the sectional style you like best, we can customize the dimensions, colors, and fabric to your exact preferences. Visit one of our two California show rooms or contact us today for more information!

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