15 Retro Sofa Styles You’ll Love From Every Decade

We love a fun blast from the past! Whether you prefer the mid-century modern styles of the 1950s, the bright colors of the 1970s, or the peaceful zen movement of the 1990s, we want to help you find a retro sofa reminiscent of your favorite era. Here are our favorite retro sofa styles from each decade:

Sofas Inspired by the 1950s: Mid-Century Modern Designs

In the 1950s, families moved away from big cities into more peaceful suburbs where they could enjoy sprawling lawns and single-family homes. Form and function were equally important, leading homeowners to embrace the Mid-Century Modern design style. In Mid-Century Modern designs, you’ll notice geometric shapes, natural wood frames, and simple silhouettes.

Some of our favorite 1950s-inspired sofas include:

  • Bellevue Sofa — The triangular-shaped legs, gently tufted back cushions, and curved armrests create a mid-century modern silhouette.
  • Easton Sofa — The Easton offers a bold take on mid-century modern design with angled arm rests and a solid wood base.
  • Guerro Sofa — The Guerro is full of personality with its tufted cushions, curved base, and low back.


Sofas Inspired by the 1960s: Futuristic, Modern Designs

Homeowners in the 1960s loved to guess at what the future held for society, and this forward-looking view was expressed through their home decor as well. Designers mix-and-matched new materials like PVC and glass with more traditional wood and metal options. They also experimented with modern shapes and designs.

Some of our favorite 1960s-inspired sofas include:

  • Barns Sofa — This contemporary sofa is retro but timeless with chunky armrests, tapered legs, and a cushy seat.
  • Fillmore Sofa — The Fillmore includes elements of both mid-century modern and contemporary design.
  • Jackson Sofa — With bold, angled legs and a curved base, the Jackson is completely inspired by vintage 1960s design.


Sofas Inspired by the 1970s: Futuristic, Modern Designs

The 1970s are known as being the hippie era, and this decade’s design style doesn’t disappoint! Psychedelic colors, bold patterns, and open-plan spaces characterize the quintessential 1970s home. Additionally, homeowners began to embrace more natural, rustic materials as well to show their love of Mother Nature.

Some of our favorite 1970s-inspired sofas include:

  • Clyde Sofa — The Clyde is elegant and streamlined with sleek lines and comfortable cushions.
  • Dublin Sofa — You’ll love the Dublin’s tufted cushions, straight arm rests, and retro wood base.
  • Pauline Sofa — With just a touch of bling along the armrests, this sofa marries contemporary and vintage style for a chic look.

Sofas Inspired by the 1980s: Bold, Preppy Designs

The postmodern design style with bright pastels, fun patterns, and preppy styles was all the rage in the 1980s. Furniture was chunky, whimsical, and playful. If you love a statement pieces, pop art, and bold combinations of metals with wood, you’ll adore this decade’s designs.

Some of our favorite 1980s-inspired sofas include:

  • Chandler Sofa — This sofa’s silhouette is full of wavy lines and flowing curves; you won’t be able to resist sinking into its cushy seat.
  • Jeffrey Sofa — Playing into the 1980s trend of chunky furniture, the Jeffrey has plenty of bounce in its thick seat cushions.
  • Reagan Sofa — The Reagan has a wide base, angled armrests, and slim legs; in other words, it’s the perfect statement piece.

Sofas Inspired by the 1990s: Minimalist Designs

In the 1990s, homeowners took a step back from bright, gaudy colors and transitioned to more minimalist designs. Chinese- and Japanese-inspired zen and Feng shui elements hit the stage to help designers find inner peace and tranquility at home. Open shelving, neutral tones, and natural materials punctuated interior design in this decade.

Some of our favorite 1990s-inspired sofas include:

  • Ashbury Sofa — The Ashbury is a staple furniture piece for any minimalist room, with tapered legs and an unassuming frame.
  • Dayton Sofa — With narrow arms, a cushy back, and a lifted base, the Dayton is simple yet chic.
  • Ryan Sofa — This sofa is petite, yet playful, with sloping armrests, tufted cushions, and beautiful, decorative seams.

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