5 vintage interior design trends that are coming back in style

If you feel nostalgic for the “good ole days,” believe the best music was made when you were in high school, and believe “antique” can be a noun and a verb, you’re going to love these interior design trends! We rounded up our five favorite old fashioned home decorating trends that are coming back in style.

  1. Daring wallpaper prints

Remember the days when houses had a different style of wallpaper in each room, and every wall seemed like it was trying to outdo the loud paper in the next room? Those eccentric patterned wallpapers are now more popular than ever! We love shopping at local wallpaper shops in San Francisco like Finest Wallpaper to get interior design inspiration and add some personality to the walls.

Even if you don't own a house, you can take advantage of removable temporary wallpaper to make your apartment or condo feel more like home! Removable wallpaper usually sticks to the wall with adhesive on the back, or with water or paste. Depending on the brand you purchase, you may even be able to reuse the wallpaper again at your next abode!

  1. Retro and vintage lighting

Forget those modern flush lights—retro and vintage lights are back in style! Designers are loving globe hanging lights, intricate chandeliers, and pretty much any other type of pendant light to brighten and warm your space. And there are so many options:

  1. Weathered accessories

The shabby chic look seems to be back with a vengeance. This trend favors decor made with natural elements, like metal, glass, and wood after they’ve had a chance to age. Many modern stores create the weathered look on brand new items too, just in case you prefer to have new products rather than authentic older pieces.

  1. Items with “character”

Think of this trend like the opposite of the modern minimalist movement. Items with character are conversation pieces—furniture and home decor with such detail they look like they must come with a rich story. These could include family heirlooms, like your heavy grandfather clock, your great aunt’s real silver tea set, or the imposing wood carving your father made as a child in shop class.

These conversation pieces can also be brand new! For example, how do you like this Abby Metal Chair, with its hand welded scalloped detailing? Or what about this Piazza Rug, printed with watermelons?

  1. High quality fabrics

Back in the day, sofas covered with high quality materials like velvet, linen, and leather were only placed in rooms that were off limits to kids. These seats were meant for special guests in the front sitting room—not for little tikes with sticky fingers. Thankfully, these high quality materials have been able to make a comeback as we’ve innovated furniture care products!

Now you can enjoy a custom Sofa Creation sofa or sectional covered in your favorite luxurious material with a mind set at ease. You can also purchase a 5 year stain protection plan for even more security. Stains, and even some accidental damage, are completely covered by your protection plan for five years after your purchase. Aside from the stain protection plan, we also offer a 7 year guarantee that your sofa will remain as comfortable as it was the day you bought it! On the off chance your cushions become flat or the sofa doesn’t meet our extremely high quality standards, we will replace the items free of charge.

Learn more about Sofa Creations on our website, or come visit one of our show rooms in person in San Francisco or San Rafael.

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