6 Ways To Refresh A Boring Room

If you’ve lived in the same place for several years now, you may feel like your home is getting a little stale. It may be too expensive to majorly renovate your space and too impractical to completely replace all your furniture, but there are some easy ways you can inject some new life into your home. Check out our top 6 favorite ways to rejuvenate a room:

  1. Get some new organizers.

Have you noticed that you’ve become lax in putting away your clothes, going through your mail, and tidying up the toiletries in your bathroom? This may sound petty, but you are much more likely to stick to your clutter-free standards if you have organizers you love! Consider:

  • Replacing your dresser, or at least repainting the one you have in your bedroom
  • Putting together an entryway with a spot to organize your mail and other everyday items by your front door
  • Investing in some under-the-sink shelves or drawers to put in your bathroom cabinet
  • Getting some decorative baskets or bins to contain clutter in your living room
  • Finding a couple catch all trays (like these from San Francisco’s own Picnic) to use on your bookshelves, end tables, countertops, and anywhere else you like
  1. Switch out some of your art.

Even if you own the most beautiful artwork in San Francisco, it’s easy to become “immune” to your surroundings when nothing has changed for a while. Consider browsing a local Bay Area store like Hudson Grace for some new art, or scroll through your Facebook photo albums and print the pics that give you a warm, nostalgic feeling.

  1. Add a mirror or two.

You’ve probably heard before that mirrors can make a space feel bigger. In fact, interior designer Libby Langdon told Real Simple that “a mirror can act as another window” to visually open up a room and even increase the amount of light flowing through your space. Check out some of our favorite mirrors for any room in your home.

  1. Grow some houseplants.

Flowers, herbs, and other plants aren’t just pretty to look at…they also have practical purposes for your home life! WebMD reports that houseplants offer benefits like:

  • Filtering common allergens like dust and mold
  • Boosting your mood and energy
  • Adding some moisture back in your air on a dry day
  • Helping you get better sleep

If you don’t have a green thumb, don’t worry. Good Housekeeping put together this list of indoor plants that are almost impossible to kill.

  1. Replace the hardware on your doors.

Have you ever really paid attention to your door knobs, cabinet pulls, and drawer handles? If you’ve never replaced this hardware before, you’ve probably been using the standard builder grade accessories that came with your home. You can instantly change the look of a room simply by upgrading to hardware with a new finish, texture, and detailing which are a better reflection of your style.

  1. Consider the functionality of each furniture piece.

Is each piece of furniture in your room still working out for your life? Does the side table in your living room comfortably hold your phone, the book you’re currently reading, a glass of water, and everything else you typically like to have on hand while you sit in your recliner? Do you have enough seating available for the number of people you typically entertain in the evenings?

When it comes to seating, we’ve noticed many people aren’t served well by the mass-produced sofas and sectionals offered at furniture chain stores. It can be extremely difficult to find a comfortable, attractive sofa which fits your interior design aesthetic, matches the exact dimensions you need for your room, and comes with durable upholstery in your favorite color. That’s why Sofa Creations offers custom sofa and sectional options to check every detail off your wish list.

Start designing your new sofa or sectional by browsing our most popular styles online. From there, you can specify the orientation of your sectional, dimensions, fabric, and color preferences. If you have a unique vision for your next cozy seat, you can also get a custom quote for a completely new commission.

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