9 Custom Made Furniture Stores in California

Ordering custom-made furniture is a wonderful way to personalize your home. We love working with customers who want to build custom sofas, sectionals, and sleeper sofas and hear lots of questions about other furniture stores in California that make custom goods. We compiled this list of some of the highest rated custom made furniture stores in the state to help you with your research!


1. Sofa Creations

Our store offers showrooms in San Francisco and San Rafael, with free shipping anywhere in the Bay Area to bring your affordable, custom-designed sofa directly to your home. Our sofas and sectionals are handcrafted right here in California by expert furniture makers.

In our showrooms, you can browse dozens of sofa and sectional designs ranging from mid-century modern functionality to an Old Hollywood glamour aesthetic. Once you select a silhouette you love, we’ll customize your new seating with the fabric, colors, and exact dimensions you need for your home. You can also check out our sleeper sofas and recliners!


2. Made in Pescadero

Made in Pescadero is based in—you guessed it!—Pescadero, California, and they make custom wood furniture for your dining room, bedroom, or living room. Their website explains, “We can match wood type, grain and color to work with an existing piece, modify an existing design or sit down with a blank piece of paper and build you a complete custom piece of handcrafted solid wood furniture from scratch.”


3. Parkman Woodworks

Based in Los Angeles, this woodworking company makes custom furniture using urban hardwood, reclaimed wood, and steel. Check out some of their recent custom wood projects or shop some of their most popular designs online.


4. Urban Woods

If you want a custom wood piece created sustainably and with safe materials, we recommend checking out Urban Woods. This Los-Angeles based company makes reclaimed wood furniture with non-toxic stains and finishes, and they have a 4.9-star rating on Google. Browse some of their favorite pieces on their website now.


5. Status Wood

Based in Hayward, California, Status Wood is another custom woodworker specializing in using reclaimed wood to develop a beautiful piece for your home. Their unique dining tables, coffee tables, and desks are more than practical; they’re also pieces of art. We especially recommend checking out their work if you like to design with a rustic interior design style.


6. Moyes Furniture

Located in Corona, California, Moyes Furniture creates custom wood and upholstered furniture including buffets, armchairs, coffee tables, beds, and more. Their client list boasts recognizable names such as Cheesecake Factory, Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, and the Disneyland Grand Hotel.



7. Keefrider Custom Furniture

This Santa Barbara-based company specializes in making custom furniture for any room or office. Some of their recent projects include custom dining sets, bedroom furniture, patio sets, cabinets, tables, and benches.


8. Berkeley Mills

Based in Berkeley, California, Berkeley Mills does more than just design custom furniture. They can also develop a custom kitchen, including cabinets and islands, for your luxurious home. Their roster of services also includes custom architectural design in other areas such as creating doors, bookcases, fences, and more.


9. Bay Area Custom Furniture

Finally, our neighbors in the Bay Area at Bay Area Custom Furniture can also work with you to develop built-in cabinets, floating desks and shelves, vanities, statement walls, and more with their custom woodworking magic!

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