Best Places to Buy a House in the San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco is the kind of place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. It has earned the title of ''Everybody's favorite city'', and with absolute reason! It's a place so unique, so diverse, a city full of things to see and opportunities to seize! However, due to the high living costs, many outsiders consider it only a vacation destination. But what if we told you that relocating to the area without spending a crazy amount of money on housing was possible? Would you then consider buying a home for you and your family here? While you weigh your options, allow us to introduce you to some of the best places to buy a house in the San Francisco Bay area!

Best Places to Buy a House in the San Francisco Bay Area as Determined by Affordability

Home to a growing number of celebrities, San Francisco is anything but a cheap place to make a life for yourself in! And while the city itself is notorious for its overly expensive real estate market, specific communities in the Bay area can boast more affordable housing. Here are our top picks!


Vallejo is anything but small in terms of people residing in it! In fact, by the latest reports, around 120,000 souls currently inhabit it. The city is located in Solano County and is mere 30 miles away from San Francisco. More than half the residents of Vallejo are homeowners, and it's no wonder considering an average home costs about $500,000 to purchase.

The place has good access to the rest of the San Francisco Bay area and great access to Sacramento. Vallejo doesn't have a huge problem with crime, especially compared to some of the larger cities in California. There are lots of bike trails and parks here, making it particularly attractive to those who enjoy spending time outdoors.

Although there aren't any restaurants that offer a fine-dining experience, there are still plenty of choices in terms of places to eat. And considering that Vallejo is quite diverse, residents can take their pick, with Indian and Mexican joints seemingly the most popular.

The vastly visited amenities in the city include Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, an amusement park that's all the craze right now! Both visitors and those living here also enjoy taking a trip to Vallejo Naval & Historical Museum and San Pablo Bay National Wildlife Refuge.


Despite them sharing the same name, this Dublin is not the capital of Ireland. It's a suburb of 60,000, located in Alameda County. Dublin is a bit pricier in terms of real estate, but it's still considered one of the best places to buy a house in the San Francisco Bay area due to its residents having higher than the average median income. Purchasing a family home comes down to about $800,000, which, you would say, is still better than buying in San Francisco itself or Los Angeles, for that matter.

For example, those currently residing in the City of Angels, but looking for something more tranquil, might find Dublin the ideal place for them! It has everything one might need for a normal life, including various restaurants, cafes, stores, shopping malls, parks, and schools, without all the hassle and bustle of a megalopolis. Then again, there's the whole moving to Dublin to be taken care of. Still, there's no need to be afraid of the process, as an easy transfer from LA is, indeed, possible. At least it is with the right real estate agent and the moving crew leading you through it.

San Jose

Are you craving a big-city life but aren't willing to spend money on San Francisco or LA properties? In that case, how about you look to San Jose for housing? The third-largest city in California is located in the Bay area - in Santa Clara County, to be exact. It has a population of about 1 million and quite a few job opportunities to boast. Especially the ones in the tech field!

Those looking to invest in real estate can expect to spend anywhere from $800,000 to more than a million! Not ideal, but for a major city, that could easily be considered a bargain.

As far as education is concerned, there are some excellent public schools in San Jose and many private ones. There's quite an impressive portfolio of attractions here, as well! For example, history buffs can experience a trip down memory lane by visiting the city's historic district. On the other hand, youngsters, accompanied by their parents, might prefer going over to the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo or the Winchester Mystery House.


When talking about the best places to buy a house in the San Francisco Bay area, we cannot but mention Concord. This suburb of Oakland, located in Costa Contra County, is about 30 miles northeast of the city of San Francisco. Acquiring property here isn't particularly costly. As a matter of fact, the median home price falls somewhere within the range of $500,000. The majority of Concord residents are homeowners themselves. And when we take into account the affordability, it definitely makes sense that they would be!

Concord is home to 130,000 people, many of whom commute daily to the heart of Oakland and neighboring San Fran. The place, however, offers ample opportunities for after-work fun. It features shopping malls, parks, playgrounds, hiking trails even! It has a historical side to it, with the Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve getting the most attention from the residents and visitors.

...And There’s More!

Despite having mentioned only a couple of the best places to buy a house in the San Francisco Bay area, there are additional ones worth an honorable mention. Cities like Pleasant Hill, Walnut Creek, and Alameda, for instance, have recently seen their fair share of newcomers, and it appears the trend is here to stay. In the end, the entire Bay area boasts of glorious weather and beautiful landscape, so wherever you decide on purchasing, it's apparent you won't be making a mistake! However, it's once you decide on the place to settle, purchase your own piece of property, and furnish it completely that you'll finally be able to reap the benefits of living in one of these beautiful communities!

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