Designer Spotlight: Luonto Sleeper Sofas That Will Lull You to Sleep

Luonto is one of our favorite furniture brands because, like our company, the business has remained in the family for decades. They have a strong reputation for creating high-quality furniture with their team of highly skilled furniture makers. In this article, we want to show you some of our favorite dreamy Luonto sleeper sofas.

What You Should Know About Luonto Sleeper Sofas

Before we share our favorite Luonto styles, let us tell you a little more about what makes these sofas so unique.

First is the way Luonto sofas open into a sleeper bed. Instead of requiring you to struggle as you tug out a traditional fold-out bed, Luonto uses a dual motion technology which allows you to lift the front of the seat and pull outward. Then the backrest folds down to turn the entire sofa into a bed. Super easy!

Because Luonto uses dual motion technology, your guests will be much more comfortable on these sleeper sofas than they would on a traditional pull-out couch. Unlike an old-fashioned pull-out couch, Luonto sleepers do not have metal bars underneath their cushions that agitate your guests all night long. Instead, their comfortable cushions simply slide out from underneath the sofa seat.

Finally, we appreciate that you can customize your Luonto sofa with the color fabric and legs that fit best with your room.

Luonto Sleeper Sofas in Any Size You Fancy

For many of our Luonto sleeper sofas, you can choose between four standard sizes: Cot Size, Full Size, Queen Size, and King Size. Check out some of our favorite styles:

  • Casey — The Casey is a beautiful, classic sofa. No one will be able to guess that the sofa turns into a bed just by looking at it!
  • Monika — The Monika is very similar in style to the Erika, but with slightly wider armrests. We love the Monika’s elegant, modern silhouette.
  • Nico — The Nico’s clean, straight lines and geometric silhouette fit into any interior design style.

Luonto Sleeper Sofas in Specific Sizes

Some Luonto sofas are made especially for small or large spaces:

  • Erika — The Erika is slim and stylish, making it the perfect edition for a room where you want to create the illusion of more space around your sofa. Choose a cot, full, or queen size of the Erika sofa.
  • Fantasy — This chic, contemporary design has clean lines, gently curved arm rests, and beautifully hidden seams for a sleek look. Choose a cot or queen size of the Fantasy sofa.
  • Paris — This mid-century modern style looks both retro and futuristic with double padded armrests, extra cushions in the backrests, and a rounded silhouette. Choose a queen or king size of the Paris sofa.

Luonto Chaise Sectional Sleepers

Did you know you can get sleeper sofas in sectional styles? Check out some of our favorite Luonto sectional sleepers which offer a full size sleeping space:

  • Delta — The Delta sleeper sofa is actually a chaise sectional! It has a retro, mid-century modern silhouette with plush cushions and slightly rounded armrests.
  • Noah — The Noah sleeper has a classic mid-century modern design with tufted cushions and cozy, wide armrests.
  • Pint — The Pint sleeper is elegant, with straight, narrow armrests and oversized cushions.
  • Flex — This contemporary style has gently curved armrests and plush cushions you’ll love to sink into at the end of a long day.

You’ll be thrilled not only with the cushy full-sized bed included with each sectional, but also with the storage space you’ll find underneath the chaise seat. You can make these sectionals even more functional by adding a USB charging port to the interior.

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