Every Type of Living Room Seating Defined: Sectional Types, Sleeper Sofas, and More

What’s the difference between a futon and a sleeper sofa? What about a chaise sectional and an L-shaped sectional? Shopping for furniture can be overwhelming, especially when you see a mix of terms which all seem interchangeable or confusing. Here’s our glossary of all the different types of seating you may need for your home:


Different Styles and Shapes of Sectionals

If you’ve been shopping online for sectionals, you may have noticed a bunch of different names for their shapes…even though they may all look pretty similar to you. The main shapes of sectionals include:

  • L-Shaped Sectionals — As the name suggests, these sectionals usually take the shape of the letter L, so they look like two sofas have been joined together at a right angle. Usually, one side of the sectional is longer than the other (as shown with our Ollini Sectional), but they can be the same length (as shown with our Brooklyn Sectional). In fact, all of Sofa Creations’ sectionals and sofas are fully customizable, so we can accommodate the exact dimensions you need for your space.
  • Chaise Sectionals — While an L-shaped sectional may look like two couches have been joined together, a chaise sectional looks more like a sofa has been joined with a chaise lounge chair. The chaise end of the sectional shares a back with the long end, and the seat extends outward to offer a comfortable place to stretch out your legs. (Check out our Carson Chaise Sectional for an example!)
  • Bumper Chaise Sectionals — This variation of the chaise sectional replaces the chaise’s armrest with another backrest so you can feel just as comfortable facing forward or to the side when you want to snuggle up with your family. (Check out our Hayes Sectional for an example!)


Different Types of Sleeper Sofas, Sleeper Sectionals, and Chair Sleepers

If you’re looking for a seat that can convert into a cozy spot for your guests to spend the night, you’re probably looking for a sleeper sofa, sectional, or chair. The primary options for sleeper seats include:

  • Sleeper Sofas — Sleeper sofas are actually sofas…not just a fancy name for futons. Futons are generally constructed with light, low-quality wood and don’t offer much support for either sitting or sleeping. Our sleeper sofas, on the other hand, are actually constructed with strong wood, durable cushions, and an advanced sinuous spring and webbing design which provides consistent support across the entire surface of the seat and bed. (Note: Be careful when comparing sleeper sofas! Other furniture makers still use the outdated metal bars instead of our sinuous spring and webbing design, and trying to sleep with these tough bars under your back can be very difficult.)
  • Different Sleeper Sofa Sizes — Sleeper sofas come in every standard mattress size. For example, compare our King Size Casey Sleeper, Queen Size Hampton Sleeper, and Full Size Barletta Sleeper.
  • Chair Sleepers — If you don’t quite have the space for one of the standard sleeper sofas listed above, you may want to consider a chair sleeper. This accent chair folds out to the size of a spare cot. (Check out the Monika Cot Size Chair Sleeper for an example!)
  • Sleeper Sectionals — Sleeper sectionals are exactly what they sound like! Normally, they look just like a sectional sofa in your entertainment area. When it’s bedtime, the longer section folds out into a comfortable mattress. (Check out our Flex Chaise Sleeper for an example!)


Other Living Room Chairs and Seats

Don’t forget about these classics to add some extra entertainment space and a pop of personality to your living room!

  • Sofas — How could we forget the original living room seat, the sofa? Sometimes called couches, these essential seats usually have space for at least three people to lounge. Shorter sofas, called loveseats, typically seat just two people. At Sofa Creations, you can customize any sofa you like with the exact dimensions you need for your room so you don’t have to be defined by standard sofa sizes.
  • Recliners — Recliners come in a wide variety of silhouettes, so you can find something to love whether you’re nostalgic for your grandfather’s soft easy chair (see our Flex Recliner) or something a little more sleek (like our Fjords Urban Recliner). All recliners let you lean back if you choose, but some include an attached footrest (like the Denali Recliner) while others come with a separate footrest (like the Fjords Admiral C Recliner).
  • Accent ChairsAccent chairs are typically smaller than recliners, but they don’t have to be! These chairs help offset the shared seating spaces of sofas and sectionals by offering a spot for someone to sit on their own.


More Living Room Seating Options

We always encourage our clients to create an ultra-personalized home through their interior design. That may mean you don’t want your living room furniture to be limited to traditional types of seating! This is why we offer fully customizable sectionals and sofas, plus other fun options like benches, bean bags, and poufs. Start browsing our selection online now, and you can even chat with one of our furniture experts if you need advice.

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