Furnishing a New Home?

Finding the right sized sofa or sectional can be a daunting task. That’s why at Sofa Creations, we’ve made it easy to find the right sofa for you.

The first step is to measure the space you want your new sofa to occupy. A great way to help visualize your future furniture is to trace it out on the floor using blue painters tape or newspapers. We construct our models down to the inch for you, so measuring your space will guarantee that you get a model that fits your room to the right scale.

A small sofa fits a small space and large sofa fits a large space. Though this concept seems simple, both design trends and your love of a particular piece sometimes favor cramming large sofas into small spaces. Unfortunately, this never looks or feels right. The opposite is also true, with small sofas getting lost in large lofts and living spaces. Look at the other furniture in the room. A large sofa looks out of place with small chairs and end tables and vice versa. Don’t group a large, overstuffed sofa with small, basic chairs. Keep the sofa to scale with the other furniture.

Stick to the general spacing rules for all of the furniture in the room, including the sofa. When you are finished with the room, there should be an 18-inch allowance between the sofa and the coffee table. There should be between 3 1/2 to 10 feet of space between seating so that everyone in the room can converse without yelling or feeling like they are crowded. Additionally, the television and sofa should be about 7 feet apart. Your sofa and other furniture should all fit in the room while accommodating these measurements.

With your measurements in hand, we will show you the models that will look best at that scale and in your chosen configuration. We offer a broad range of models to choose from, some already sized for smaller apartments, and other made for large family rooms for those in need of a lot of seating. Our friendly associates can go walk you through what to look for in both formal and relaxed seating. We can also help you choose a color from the hundreds of fabrics we keep in stock.

Once you know the size of the sofa or sectional then it’s a matter of making sure the furniture can get into the desired space.  Moving a piece of furniture can be a challenge, especially in older building where clearances weren’t designed for large pieces of furniture. Things to look out for out sharp turns in hallways, elevators, and staircases.  You can send pictures of your space to our associates for a quick check on whether a piece can be moved through the space.

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