How to choose a sectional shape

There’s something about a sectional that just makes a room feel instantly welcoming and comfortable! Here are some questions we hear frequently from customers who are looking for a new sectional:

What are the different sectional shapes you can choose from?

Curved Sectional — These sectionals connect two sofas with a curved section in the middle. Examples include:

L Shape Sectional — These sectionals connect two sofas with a square section in the middle to form an L shape. Examples include:

Chaise Sectional — The chaise sectional also creates an L shape, but in a smaller version. Chaise Sectionals do not need a curved or square corner section because a chaise pushes right up to the side of the sofa. These sectionals will be called either Right or Left Chaise Sectionals, based on which side of has the chaise when you look at the sectional from the front (not from the sitting position). For example, check out:

Bumper Chaise Sectional — Regular Chaise Sectionals simply offer an armrest for the chaise section. A Bumper Chaise Sectional adds a cushiony back to a portion of the chaise. Examples include:

What are Sleeper Sectionals and how do they work?

A Sleeper Sectional is a great option for your home if you like to have an extra sleeping option for overnight guests. When you have a Sleeper Sectional, one section of the sofa is able to convert into a bed for the night. For examples, check out:

We can help you decide which section is best for the convertible bed based on how frequently you anticipate the bed function to be used. Chat with us on our website or give us a call to talk about your specific needs.


What are Recliner Sectionals and how do they work?

A Recliner Sectional allows certain sections to recline and provide a footrest for optimal napping and TV watching experiences. Recliner Sectionals come in the same classic shapes we mentioned before. Here are some examples for each shape:

Curved Recliner Sectionals:

L Shape Sectionals:

Chaise Recliner Sectionals:

Bumper Chaise Recliner Sectionals:

You can even find more uniquely shaped recliner sectionals including:

What other special features can you find in sectionals?

We love these other luxury features in many of our sectionals:

  • Adjustable back or neck rest height
  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Storage box under the chaise
  • USB charging ports
  • Contrast stitching
  • Cup holders
  • Aqua Clean upholstery, which allows spills to be cleaned up quickly using water

Additionally, we always recommend you purchase the five year stain protection plan for sectionals—especially those which do not have the Aqua Clean upholstery.

How should you choose the best sectional shape for your room?

Most furniture companies recommend you choose a sectional shape based on the size of your room because certain shapes typically only come in larger sizes. For example, Curved Sectionals are often recommended only to customers who have very large rooms because they can look massive and overbearing.

Fortunately, Sofa Creations offers you the option to customize your sectional with the exact dimensions you prefer for your interior design. Our website lists Standard, Queen, and King sized dimensions for each of our popular sectional styles to give you a starting point for comparison. Because we hand craft all of our sectionals and sofas locally in California, we can further customize dimensions, colors, materials, and shapes based on your requirements.

Because you don't have to worry about your room size with Sofa Creations, we recommend you choose a sectional shape based on your favorite look and style. Don’t forget, we can help create a brand new piece customized for you if you don’t find what you need in our most popular sectionals online!

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