How to Design a Room With the Industrial Interior Design Style

We love helping people find the interior design style that speaks to them! This week, we’re explaining how to design a room with the industrial design style. This design style is perfect for you if you love minimal, rustic decor.


What is the Industrial Interior Design Style?

If you've ever walked through a factory, workshop, or rustic building, you’ve probably witnessed the industrial interior design style! Those who design with this style believe in showing off the raw beauty of the materials used in architecture and decor, instead of covering them up with too many frills.

Industrial furniture is characterized by:

  • Simple, minimalistic colors, textures, and spaces
  • Crisp, clean lines and blocky shapes
  • A combination of “hard” materials, like salvaged metals and reclaimed woods

One other feature of industrial design that we love is an appreciation for vintage and antique items! Trunks, luggage, and other things you can find from family heirlooms or flea markets all belong as treasured accessories in this design style. Keep reading to learn about our favorite industrial pieces sourced from local Bay Area furniture stores.

Industrial Sofas in the Bay Area

You can visit our Sofa Creations showrooms in San Francisco and San Rafael to get inspiration for your industrial interior design, or we can design a completely custom piece for your home. Here are some of our favorite sofas and sectionals inspired by industrial design:

  • Alvin Sofa — Industrial design is all about celebrating raw materials, just like the Alvin’s natural wood base. Enjoy its spectacular craftsmanship from its gently curved armrests, solid wood frame, and tapered legs.
  • Angela Sofa — This midcentury modern sofa with a curved base, tapered legs, and plush cushions is a must-have staple for an industrial style home.
  • Carson Chaise Sectional — The Carson is a gorgeous blank slate for your industrial interior design. Its timeless silhouette, comfy cushions, and natural wood legs fit perfectly into a rustic decor scheme.
  • Chesterfield Sofa — The Chesterfield silhouette has always been, and will always be, a classic. Its diamond-tufted arms and back, curled armrests, and nailhead trim bring a luxurious look to your industrial-style room.
  • Davis Chaise Sectional — The Davis is another classic sectional style we love. Its blocky arms, legs, and frame are perfect for an industrial-style home.
  • Fillmore Sofa — The Fillmore has double-padded armrests, a natural wood base, and hidden seams. It’s a deceptively simple, eye-catching piece for your home.
  • Hayes Bumper Chaise Sectional — The Hayes has clean lines, a diamond-tufted back, and comfortable cushions; everything you could want in a sectional.
  • Jeffrey Sofa — We love the Jeffrey’s overstuffed cushions, slim arm rests, and graceful legs.
  • Ollini L-Shaped Sectional — The Ollini is an understated, simple sectional with a clean, classic appearance. Its L-shape is great for family rooms, living rooms, and any large gathering space in your home.
  • Victoria L-Shaped Sectional — Inspired by minimalistic design, the Victoria is a beautiful sectional for your space. Its diamond-tufting, solid wood frame, and cushy seat add style to any room.

We personalize every sofa, sleeper, and sectional for each individual customer, so we can customize any of these pieces according to your preferred colors, dimensions, and style.

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite local home goods stories that have even more designs you’ll love!

Where to Find Industrial Furniture in the Bay Area

Whether you need to deck out your living room, bedroom, or another room in your home with industrial pieces, we must recommend the following locally-sourced items:

  • Reclaimed Teak Wood Stool from Hudson | Grace — Perfect as an extra seat or a side table, this stool is made with reclaimed wood that bares natural beauty.
  • Antique Brass Bar Cart from Hudson | Grace — Industrial design fanatics know that antiques and vintage items add personality to home design. This is why we love this antique bar cart made with marble shelves.
  • Factory Cabinet from S16 Home — This metal cabinet comes from an old factory floor and has a working drawer sectioned off for different items you wish to store.
  • Marble & Brass Coffee Table from Anyon Atelier — This geometric coffee table will be the center of attention in your living room, with blocky brass legs and an exquisite marble top.
  • Lindsey Desk from Anyon Atelier — With a marbled veneer effect, this high-end desk brings a sense of grandeur to industrial design.
  • Faye Toogood Spade Chair from March — This English-style chair is both a place to sit and a piece of art with minimalist sensibilities.

Where to Find Industrial Home Accessories in the Bay Area

Need to decorate your room with a few more accessories and home goods? Check out our favorite industrial pieces from local Bay Area stores:

  • Recycled Car Glass Plate from Heath Ceramics — Recycled and reused materials are a staple of industrial design, so we love this small dish made from recycled glass from the auto industry.
  • Loving Cup Print from Hudson | Grace — This black-and-white photo of an equestrian loving cup brings an appreciation for form to your walls.
  • Decorative Pillow from Anthem — With geometric shapes and a grayscale color palette, this throw pillow fits right into your industrial-style room.
  • Circular Magazine or Firewood Rack from Anthem — This metal mesh rack is, in itself, a piece of art. Plus, it’s very functional!
  • Industrial Steel Pendant from S16 Home — This steel pendant can be used as a light fixture or a conversation piece with your house guests.
  • Antique Mirrors from March — These 19th century Italian mirrors have a rustic, natural feel to them.

About Sofa Creations — California’s Custom-Made Furniture Company

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