How to Design A Shabby Chic Room

Do you fall in love with shelves finished with chalk paint and antique trunks that show a little wear and tear? The shabby chic interior design style was made for people who believe furniture and home goods age gracefully like a fine wine. Let’s take a look at how you can design the shabby chic room of your dreams.

What is the Shabby Chic Interior Design Style?

According to Decorilla, the term “shabby chic” was coined in the 1980s to describe rustic, slightly worn interior design choices that work together to create a feeling of nostalgia. In fact, you’ll often find inspiration from the rustic, traditional English, and Hollywood glamor interior design styles within shabby chic homes.

Furniture in this design style is characterized by:

  • Vintage furniture and silhouettes
  • Feminine, soft materials and neutral colors
  • Mix-and-matched pieces that create an eclectic, customized vibe

Decorilla explains, “Shabby chic interior designs are known for furniture and accessories packed full of character and personality,” which is why you often find worn or distressed pieces that take center stage in shabby chic rooms. Keep reading to learn about our favorite shabby chic pieces sourced from local Bay Area furniture stores.

Shabby Chic Sofas in the Bay Area

You can visit our Sofa Creations showrooms in San Francisco and San Rafael to get inspiration for your shabby chic interior design, or we can design a completely custom piece for your home. Here are some of our favorite sofas and sectionals inspired by shabby chic design:

  • Austin Sofa — This classic sofa is soft, cushy, and timeless.
  • Barcelona Sofa — The Barcelona will transport you to a glamorous, elegant period with a single sleek cushion and tufted back and armrests.
  • Carson Sectional — Snuggle up in the Carson chaise sectional’s cozy cushions to read your next guilty pleasure novel.
  • Chesterfield Sofa — The Chesterfield’s classic silhouette, diamond-tufted cushions, and nailhead trim are inspired by 16th century English designs.
  • Hayes Sectional — The Hayes’ elegant, narrow legs and tufted cushions add an element of softness to a shabby chic abode.
  • Logan Sofa — Add some feminine flair to your room with circular arm cushions, a classy, low back, and tapered legs.
  • Jeffrey Sofa — This statement piece couldn’t get any cozier with overstuffed cushions, narrow legs, and a supportive back.
  • MD Sectional — The MD has a classic silhouette; the perfect blank canvas for your favorite throw blankets and pillows.
  • Victoria Sectional — The Victoria’s diamond-tufted back, plush cushions, and chic silhouette add a touch of femininity to any room.

We personalize every sofa, sleeper, and sectional for each individual customer, so we can customize any of these pieces according to your preferred colors, dimensions, and style.

Keep reading to learn about some of our favorite local home goods stories that have even more designs you’ll love!

Where to Find Shabby Chic Furniture in the Bay Area

Whether you need to deck out your living room, bedroom, or another room in your home with shabby chic pieces, we must recommend the following locally-sourced items:

  • Horatio Chair from Anthem in San Francisco — This rustic chair is made with woven rattan, creating your next conversation piece.
  • Garden Patio Chairs from S16 Home in San Francisco — These iron patio chairs are naturally distressed with their original green paint. You can customize them with your own seat cushions.
  • Scallop Console from Anyon Atelier in San Francisco — This wicker console is handwoven to create the illusion of drapery at the base.
  • Sawyer Made Ash Windsor Chairs from March in San Francisco — These handmade dining chairs are pieces of art created from natural ash wood.
  • Turning Table from Super Simple in the Bay Area — This table doubles as storage with a table top that opens up as you rotate it.

Where to Find Shabby Chic Home Accessories in the Bay Area

Need to decorate your room with a few more accessories and home goods? Check out our favorite shabby chic pieces from local Bay Area stores:

  • Italian Footed Candlesticks from Hudson | Grace in San Francisco — These European-style candlesticks help add the final touches to a shabby chic paradise.
  • Elsie Table Lamp from Anthem in San Francisco — Light up your side table with this feminine, perfectly round lamp. Its soft pink hue and brass accents complement classic shabby chic neutral tones.
  • Throw Pillows from Anyon Atelier in San Francisco — Decorate your new Sofa Creations sofa or sectional with shabby chic throw pillows in your favorite patterns.
  • Mohair Throw from Anyon Atelier in San Francisco — Drape this light, feathery throw blanket over your Sofa Creations sofa or sectional so you’ll be prepared for a rainy day reading session or a cuddly family movie night.
  • Tote Bins from Super Simple in the Bay Area — Made with merino wool felt, these European-style totes are soft-yet-structured.

About Sofa Creations — California’s Custom-Made Furniture Company

We’ve been California’s most trusted family-run custom furniture company since 2010. We love working with clients like you to design the perfect custom-made sofa, sectional, or sleeper sofa for your home. Please contact us to learn more about our customization process, or visit us in San Francisco or San Rafael to see some of our favorite styles in person.

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