How to design an Industrial Style space

Do you find yourself drooling over renovated industrial spaces like the 1 Bernice lofts, the Foreign Cinema restaurant, and the Argonaut Hotel? These iconic Bay Area buildings are full of gritty character, but also still give off a feeling of warmth and coziness. If you’re obsessed with the ‘industrial chic’ style, try incorporating these interior design tactics in your own home!


Exposed brick walls and ceiling beams

Two classic characteristics of urban industrial spaces are exposed brick walls, and exposed wood or metal ceiling beams. These raw elements contribute to a sense of historical character, allowing you and your guests to feel connected to the roots of your home’s original structure. If you feel like you could use a splash of color, many designers love to include painted murals across the bricks. You could also cover most of the walls with plaster or drywall and leave just one accent wall exposed in your home’s main room.


Cement flooring and countertops

Many modern, factory-inspired spaces use cement for the floors and countertops. This material not only looks contemporary and sleek, but is also very durable and easy to maintain. Cement is easy to clean and stands up well under heavy foot traffic for those who entertain frequently. It can also be colored before the cement mixture is poured and hardens, so it’s a great option for homeowners who like to be able to customize every inch of their space.


Mixed metal accents

Industrial style spaces generally include lots of metal accents, such as silver photo frames, furniture with iron legs, and copper statuettes. You can also incorporate metal in your room with metal window frames, stair rails, and lighting fixtures. If you want a little pop of color, it’s easy to find painted metal containers, such as coffee canisters and cookware, at local antique and vintage shops. These containers can be upcycled into planters, centerpieces, and serving dishes.


Reclaimed raw materials

One of the most important reasons homeowners love the industrial design style is that it can be very environmentally friendly. Old, unneeded materials can be saved from landfills through creative reuse projects which give them new life as decor items, coffee tables, and other furniture pieces. You can order custom furniture from local designers like Reclaimed West in Mountain View, California and Urban Garden Studio in the East Bay Area who make personalized creations from reclaimed wood.


Glass and lucite elements

With rent and property prices continuing to rise, many Californians have decided to downsize to save on living costs. The industrial chic trend serves not only the environmentally conscious, but also those who want to make their small spaces feel more open and airy. Glass is a staple in industrial design, and this material is great for reflecting light through any room. A hanging chandelier can help distribute light, add visual interest, and provide a feminine touch to your urban design. You can also achieve a similar effect with lucite furniture, which is still clear, but more durable than glass.


Leather, wood, and metal seating options

When it’s time to pick out seating for your industrial chic space, look for sofas and chairs containing the same materials we mentioned earlier, as well as leather. Many industrial design lovers opt for pieces like our Logan Sofa. If you have a larger room to fill and prefer a sectional, you may like our Lakewood Sectional. We also specialize in custom furniture creations, so we can work with you to perfect any design you see on our website or in our showrooms.


For more help designing your perfect industrial style space, contact our skilled team!

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