How to Fake An Entryway or Foyer When Your Home Has Neither

Wish you had a real foyer or entryway? Even if your home opens right into your living room or hallway, there are plenty of ways to create the illusion of an entryway. Here are some of our favorite strategies for faking an entryway:

If your front door opens into your living room…

Add a bench by the door to use as a small seating area where you can put on shoes or rifle through your bag to make sure you have everything you need for the day.

These narrow benches are just the right size:

Then install wall hooks above for hanging coats, handbags, kids’ backpacks, and anything else you need before you head out the door each day.

We love these stylish wall hooks from the local Anthropologie:

If you have a coat closet…

Open it up and redesign it to act as a built-in entryway! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Remove the door and clothes rack to turn the closet into an open nook.
  2. Add some wallpaper or a bold paint color to the walls to define the space.
  3. Install some wall hooks to accommodate your guests’ coats and bags.
  4. Put in a short bench (such as our Glam Furry Bench) so you’ll have a spot to tie your shoes in the morning.
  5. Find some decorative baskets or bins to store shoes under your bench, or other items up on the shelf at the top of your closet-nook.

If you have a tight hallway…

You may not want to crowd your hallway with a bench, but you can likely find a narrow console to stretch across the wall. Find some stylish dishes which serve double duty as decor and organizers for your keys, mail, spare change, and other small items you may like to drop off as you walk in the door each day.

Check out these catchall dishes from some of our favorite Bay Area boutiques:

If you feel like even a console would take up too much space in your hallway or you can’t find one you love, try installing some floating shelves and wall hooks up on the wall just inside your front door instead.

No matter where you fake your entryway…

Fancy it up a little! Decorating the space you set aside for your entryway will solidify the illusion that it is a separate space. Even simple accessories can go a long way. For example, you can:

  • Prevent your shoes from looking like a pile of clutter on the floor by keeping them organized on a shoe rack. Or, to elevate the look of your entryway, repurpose an attractive tray to hold shoes. We’re particularly fond of the Aerin Butler Tray from Anthem and the Water Hyacinth Tray from Picnic.
  • Hang a mirror above your bench or console to make the space appear larger. Our favorite entryway mirrors include the Glam Gold Finish Mirror and Hexagonal Wall Mirror.
  • Find a cute entry rug, instead of using a drab, neutral mat which blends into the floor. A colorful rug will help separate your entryway from the rest of the room or hallway. For example, check out the Zara Royal Blue Rug or the Nomadic Green Rug.
  • Set an umbrella holder in the corner, or repurpose a decorative planter to contain your bumbershoots.
  • Use some stylish storage bins under your bench or console to contain your rain boots, dog walking supplies, and other miscellaneous items. The Sisal Baskets from St. Frank and Canvas Buckets from Rare Device help prevent your everyday things from looking like clutter.
  • Get help when you need it! Our design experts would love to help you solve all your interior design challenges. Chat with us online now, or visit one of our local show rooms for some inspiration.

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