How to make your home feel like a Luxury Hotel

Whether you actually want to rent out your house as an airbnb space or you just want to feel the sweeping rush of extravagance every time you walk into your home, we’re ready to help you make your home feel like it’s just as luxurious as San Francisco’s Ritz-Carlton or the Rosewood Sand Hill in Menlo Park. Think about it—what do you really love most about spending a night at a five-star hotel? You obviously need a lavish bedroom, spa-like bathroom, plenty of amenities, and that overall feeling of bold brightness throughout the whole space. Here’s our room-by-room guide to design your home like a luxury hotel:


Your plush bedroom

The most important room in any hotel is the bedroom, because it’s all about you—no one else in the place matters! Unfortunately, this is often why we ignore our bedroom when designing our homes… Why put so much effort in decorating a room which your guests will hardly ever see? But if you truly want your home to feel like a luxurious hotel, you need to prioritize your private spaces.

When you design your bedroom, fulfill all your guilty pleasures without worrying about popular trends. Give yourself an oversized, plush headboard you can lean against at the end of a long day. Include plenty of lamps so you can choose a bright or brooding environment, depending on your mood. Set up a sitting area that matches your personality. If you’re an introvert who values your alone time, set up a safe cocoon with a hanging chair swing and add in a long couch (like this Castro sofa) so you can stretch out. On the other hand, if you prefer constant socialization, fit in several seating options for your kids or visiting guests. Use a variety of chair styles, and maybe even a few poufs to accommodate everyone’s preferred seating.


Your spa-worthy bathroom

Every great hotel includes a spa to pamper and spoil its guests, so setting up a spa-like bathroom in your home is a must. Ideally, your bathroom should include a big walk-in shower with all-glass walls to let in plenty of light. Of course, you’ll also need a tub big enough for long, cozy bubble baths. And nothing makes a bathroom feel more palatial than real furniture.

Even if you don’t have the budget to completely remodel your bathroom, you can make simple updates to upgrade your current atmosphere. Hook up a new shower head which offers more than one setting so you can choose between a steamy mist or heavy downpour based on your current mood. Switch out your boring, standard sink faucets for something more modern and classy. And get rid of all your clutter for good. Make sure you have a container, shelf, drawer, or cabinet for everything that normally takes up space on your counter—install a floating shelf next to the outlet where you can set your hair dryer, buy some cute vases to hold your cotton swabs and toothbrush, and find a cabinet made of real wood to store your extra toilet paper and towels.


Your welcoming entryway

Think of your foyer space and living room as your hotel lobby. As soon as you walk into a five-star hotel, you’re usually greeted with exotic flowers, bold art, statement furniture, and lots of amenities. You can create a similar look in your home by keeping beautiful plants like orchids or hibiscus. If you don't have a green thumb and are afraid of trying to keep something alive, you can achieve the same effect with decor pieces made of natural elements, such as a large vase filled with branches, or a cluster of bowls filled with a variety of pinecones and acorns. And be fearless when choosing art to adorn your walls. Whether you cover your walls with patterned wallpaper, eye-catching bookshelves, or vivid paintings, don’t be timid with your decor.

In addition to considering the aesthetic elements of your interior design, you should also think about function. The best luxury hotels aren't meant just for sleeping—people set appointments to gather in the lobby for professional and personal meetings as well. The open spaces in your home, such as your living room, entertainment areas, and outdoor deck, should serve many different purposes as well. Set up a place where you and your friends can lounge comfortably on a Friday night with a sectional couch and bar cart, and include another area with more formal arm chairs where you can feel comfortable hosting new business clients.


How to get started

Do you need more help brainstorming what your hotel-like home will look like? Or maybe you’re tired of looking at cookie cutter furniture and want to design something to meet your custom needs. Either way, we’re ready to help you get started with your new home design! Browse our online selection at, or visit one of our two convenient Bay Area showrooms to see what everything looks like in person and chat with a helpful sales representative.

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