How to make your home feel like a Spa

Everyone knows self care is vital to make sure you’re always at your best—not only at work, but also in your personal relationships as well. Even the most social of extroverts needs some time to sit back and relax in their own space. We wanted to share some of our top tips for making your home a little self care oasis… And what says ‘oasis’ more than a spa?

Keep everything breezy, fluffy, and plush.

What is it about the spa that makes us feel so relaxed and free? Well, think about your last trip to get a massage or beauty routine. You probably sat next to wide open windows framed in breezy curtains, leaned up against fluffy pillows, sinking into an extra plush sofa.

As you decorate your at-home spa, keep these elements in mind. You can make your curtains feel extra breezy by using light materials which aren’t completely opaque and let sunlight shine through. Consider hanging them from the top of the wall, where it meets the ceiling, instead of at the top of the window. And curtains aren’t just for your windows—try using them to frame your outdoor patio, and even your bed.

When you’re deciding on new furniture to incorporate in your home, we recommend you keep it as comfy and relaxed as possible. Your seating shouldn’t just feel overstuffed—it should look plush as well. For example, check out our Chandler sofa. You can increase the comfort level with throw blankets and pillows, and poufs which serve as cozy foot rests.

Use real furniture everywhere.

One of the best parts of visiting the spa is it feels extremely luxurious, and you can recreate this feeling at home by investing in real furniture for every area—even your bathroom and patio. Instead of including a lonely, hard bench in your bathroom, use a real sofa or set of chairs. And we know it’s tempting to use plastic chairs and tables on your patio, but we encourage you to use real furniture outdoors too! Most people use plastic outside because it’s easy to clean, but you can cover your cushions with washable cotton slipcovers and protect your table with a patterned cloth.

Narrow down your color families.

We’re not saying you have to make everything look white and stale, but one aspect which makes your spa feel so sophisticated is its monochrome decor scheme! Try to choose just one or two pigments you really love, and keep everything in those color families. For example, if your favorite color is blue, you may have your walls painted in a light sky blue, use turquoise furniture, and accent everything with aqua photo frames and throw pillows.

Although you don’t have to use white, the standard color of spas, we do recommend you stick to light and pastel shades for all your major decor pieces. Light colors feel more airy and relaxing, so reserve your brighter pops of color for accent pieces only.

Incorporate natural elements in every room.

Most spas use bamboo floor mats, pebbles and stones as borders around outdoor features, and lots of woven furniture. These natural elements help you feel connected to the environment and Mother Earth herself. We suggest you try to use these in your home as well! Here are some easy ways to incorporate nature in your interior design:

  • Keep house plants. Even if you don't have a green thumb, plants like succulents, bamboo, and cacti are easy to maintain without much effort.
  • Use bamboo mats, photo frames, and furniture.
  • Make simple centerpieces out of some clear glass vases and smooth pebbles.
  • Mix different colors and textures of wood throughout your furniture and accessories.
  • Add some woven poufs (like this Aiyana or Aqua one) to serve as end tables, foot rests, and extra seating areas.

Engage all your senses.

At the end of the day, interior design elements such as your furniture and wall colors can only go so far in creating a relaxing space. You need to complete your home spa with sounds and smells.

We suggest you invest in some sound machines which can be used in your bedroom, living areas, and bathrooms. Rainforest sounds or running water can help transport you to a happy place. If you live in the middle of a loud city, or your home is full of rambunctious pets and kids, you may feel like it’s impossible to add calming sounds to your home. In these situations, we love using white noise machines outside your doorways. When it’s time to nap or read alone, you can turn these machines on to drown out some of the loudest noises.

We’re also in love with candles and aromatherapy dispensers, which contribute to a calm emotional state. Doctors and therapists recommend using lavender and chamomile scents, which help you naturally relax and unwind.

Need some help?

If you’re ready to start designing your dream spa at home, we would love to help you with the furniture element! Sofa Creations lets you truly customize your home spa experience with hundreds of fabric and design options for your sofas and sectionals. We also offer a selection of luxury recliners and poufs to complete the look. Check out our selection online or in person at one of our three Bay Area show rooms.

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