How to Refresh and Increase the Value of Your Home

Whether you are thinking of selling or you are just looking for a change of pace, there can be many reasons why you may want to refresh and improve the look of your home. If you feel this way, then realize that there is no time like the present. By making small changes, you can alter the appearance of your home and feel better every time you walk in the front door. Although we specialize in furniture, we at My Sofa Creation understand the best strategies for improving your home and we present them to you below.

Considerations If Looking to Sell

If you are considering selling your home, then part of the process is getting an appraisal which will provide the estimated worth of your home. This report essentially takes into account the size of your house, the location, the features of your property, and any updates you have made and comes up with a price. It is good for buyers to know how much their house is worth and it’s also great for sellers so they know that they are getting a good deal.

One of the factors considered in an appraisal will be the curb appeal of your home. You want the house to look presentable, and by repainting the exterior or cleaning the brick, you will not only create a better presentation but you will refresh the look of your home. While you’re at it, add path lighting and update the lighting on either side of your front door.

Another smart idea to attract buyers and refresh your space is to update the lighting in your home to LEDs. These eco-friendly bulbs will not only better illuminate your space, but you will also save money on your electric bill and the bulbs themselves also last longer. This is a great way to see your home in a brand new light.

Declutter the Space

After many well-lived years inside your home, you likely have forgotten how you felt when you walked in the front door the first time. Raising families and enjoying new hobbies have likely left your home cluttered and the build-up of unnecessary messes are not only distractions, but the clutter can also cause unneeded stress.

To begin decluttering, take your time and go room by room. As you come to each pile, ask yourself how often do you actually use what you see. If the answer is not often, then consider donating it to charity. This is especially important in your closet. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you probably never will.

Another great trick for deciding what to keep or donate is to pretend you are moving. We all know what a pain moving to a new home is and the less you have, the easier it is. Continue to go room by room and employ this mindset and you could see a drastic improvement.

Improve Your Air Quality

Walking into your home should always feel like a breath of fresh air, and there are a couple of tips you can utilize to get that feeling of rejuvenation whenever you walk through your front door.

For one, utilize air filters that you can put in a corner of the room to manage the air quality. They come in different sizes and can fit in a corner without causing a distraction. Also, remember to change your AC air filters regularly to avoid unwanted pathogens.

You can also improve your air quality naturally by placing more plants around your home. Eco-experts have found that there is a correlation between air quality in the house and certain plants within your environment. Some of the most effective plants in this regard are bamboo palms, English ivy, and spider plants, which can offset dangerous gasses like ammonia and formaldehyde.

As you can see, there are many ways to refresh your home that could also make you a few more bucks on your home sale. If you need to spice up your home a bit more, add some beautiful furniture with My Sofa Creation. Contact us at 415-885-7987.

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